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Letter 7/The Symphony, Opus 49, through S10

Dear David:

This is the 7th ‘letter to a friend’. Each tries to tell a little about The Symphony of History. (ERH: Fruit of Lips, I believe).

What I’m trying  to do is toaccomplish something that ERH and JBJ advocated.  ERH in ‘Universal History 1954’ (Amazon—audios of several Universal History courses from Dartmouth, and transcripts of all his lectures in English--$30!) said that the next era would glorify the tribes by keeping the small, enthusiastic groups and getting rid of the perpetual warfare.  The first 1000 years after He Who Reversed The Trend, The Negative Entropy Event, The Resurrection, saw the Church glorifying the Israel of Old by getting rid of exclusion. The second 1000 has the nation-state glorifying Empire by getting rid of slavery.

JBJ says at the end of ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’ that we can be new Abrahams, and that it’s the most exciting time since the first century.

[To go along with that, Berman, in ‘Law and Revolution,’ page 6, writes that medieval cathedrals literally had budgets for 1000 years.]

The basis of my procedure is to say that the liturgy of the church, oriented toward the heavens above, was what happened in the first 1000 years, in a 5-point sequence.  The scientific method was an echo, a 5-point, oriented toward the waters under the earth.  ERH: Science is that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead.

Now, in the Third Millennium, I attempt to orient (or north?) this sequence toward the earth beneath, people made of dirt.  To do so, I take 12 ‘DAYS’ through respectively, Day 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, each initiating toward each of the others, and all (and parts), such that a ‘universe’ in initiated, and each Day responds to a universe.

We end with solos on Day 12, and the Day 12 player Conductor) weaves them into a Symphony.

Thus we train Conductors.

The Conductor plays 3 Days.  Each player has 4 names.  Their Trauma or Talent, Howl is one.  Their given first name.  Their Day. Their Jordan Crossing—what gets them into the land, as the Jordan River was the judicial boundary of Israel.

We’re only a Page S10 or 98, and I attach a file that has the Symphony to date.

Oh, and the universe is retuned, via the order of initiations and responses each week of 5.  It’s MUCH easier when we all just sit around a table. Opus 3 is somewhere, with audio, and this is Opus 49, not in number done, but in honor of 49 years of marriage to Louise.

I play all the parts.  Here’s the retuning:
For Each Week—
Tunes and Retunings

Week One Initiations: 87654321 (not to oneself)
Week Two Responses: 415263789
Week Two Initiations: 4 (from 25) 1 (26) 5 (27) 2 (28) 6 (29) 3 (30) 7 (31) 8 (32) 9 (33) 10 (34)
--Sabbath Week for Conductor to help Days—
Week Three Responses: 10 (35) 9 (36) 8 (37) 7 (38) 5 (39) 3 (40) 1 (41) 6 (42) 4 (43) 2 (44)
Week Three Initiations: 11 (45) 10 (46) 9 (47) 8 (48) 7 (49) 5 (50) 3 (51) 1 (52) 6 (53) 4 (54) 2 (55)
Week Four Responses: 1 (56) 2 (57) 3 (58) 4 (59) 5 (60) 6 (61) 7 (62) 8 (63) 9 (64) 10 (65) 11 (66)
Week Four Initiations: 12 (67) 11 (68) 10 (69) 9 (70) 8 (71) 7 (72) 6 (73) 5 (74) 4 (75) 3 (76) 2 (77) 1 (78)
Week Five Responses (Solos and Symphony—Conductor works much with Days in time between Week Four and Week Five) 1 (79) 2 (80) 3 (81) 4 (82) 5 (83) 6 (84) 7 (85) 8 (86) 9 (87) 10 (88) 11 (89) 12 (90)

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman
PS: In a year or so, when this filled-in example is done, I’ll pay some writers(I fail!) to write a few page treatment, and from them, I’ll pick a few to write/rewrite this one better. It’s not as hard as I am making it.
I may also pay some church to do one, record it for YouTube (several cameras) for revenue by ads, and to make a transcript and web site, for coordination of all.
Thirdly, this will make a great app, and as Google’s balloons, and/or Facebook’s or Amazon’s drones weave us all together in one civilization ‘Civis Romanus sum’, the Initiations and Responses for the little IRs (city in Hebrew) will help with the goal of getting rid of perpetual warfare, and keeping small, enthusiastic groups in a neo-tribal time.

Page S10

5 Initiates

To Day 8, page S22 How does ‘Enjoy Timely Comprehensive Beauty!’ heal?

7, To page S21 Dear Fall: Tim, what would you tell ‘The Church’ to do, and can you do it outside Hebrews 10:25?

To Day 6, page S19 When and how will the Bride be adorned for her Husband, and what ‘echoes’ of this future event filter back to us?

To Day 5, page S17x

To Day 4, page S15 How big could honoring father and mother become? When we don’t do so, as a society are we doomed, unless we repent, and what would that societal repentance be like?

3, page S20 Dear Language:  Are there hidden tones in language?  If so, how are they learned?

2, page S18 Is not being ‘heard’ (getting a respectful reaction) a cause of stress and illness?

1, page S16 Dear YOHAD: God chastises whom he loves, Heb. 12:6—is that the cause of your YOHAD, your Years Of Hell And Death?

9, page S23 Freedom, is it true that doctors, with high technology, are the 3rd leading cause of death in America?  Who says? Is it technology’s fault?


Now YOUR Day 5 initiates (Fill in the Blank)

To Day 8, page S22

7, to page S21

To Day 6, page S19

To Day 5, page S17 (not this week)

To Day 4, page S15

3 to page S20

2, page S18

1, page S16

9, page S23

--More alternation.
1—Consider whether this Symphony is a good example of conjective truth, mentioned by McCloskey in ‘Bourgeois Dignity’—the truth that emerges from good conversation.
2—A smartphone app will enable prayer without ceasing, in a way, for thinking is thanking (ERH).
3—Rephrasing: The Psalmodic Response(s) become a start of an algorithm for the chiastic glorification of Creation Speech through New Song, Singing, a proleptic recapitulation. God Creates, we, in His image, make—by true speech, that puts one’s life behind one’s words.
4—We started at the end (solos and symphonies will be done) and at the beginning, and in the middle.
5—ERH held that after the Resurrection, the Church glorified Israel by getting rid of exclusivity, and Greece remained a companion, not a social order.  The nation-state glorified the Empires by getting rid of slavery, in the second ‘thousand years’. Our task, in the neo-tribal era is to glorify the Tribes by keeping the small, enthusiastic groups, but getting rid of the perpetual warfare of the tribes.

Thus ends Page S10. Maybe I should call them chapters?

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