Monday, December 12, 2011

Where Should New Instruction Come From Now?

First--So: Comprehensive Beauty is Imperative/Law: the challenge of our age and society
ERH on Gardner, Carmen Humanem
Unto New Song as Chiasm
…..Peace, the explicit reconciliation of opposites in a ‘nets and jets’ world, where small networks can destroy massively, in ways such as biowar agent carried around the world on passenger jets, but where we need to be able to create more massively for good with our own ‘nets and jets’

Second--How To Make Your Communities Better is Subjective/Lyric
From the trauma of MaeDay80

Third--The Symphony Of Peace History is Narrative/Evaluation. As liturgy was to Church, applying the covenant structure to the Heavens Above, and naming, so the scientific method was to applying the covenant structure to the Waters Under The Earth and numbering, so TSOPH is to the Earth Beneath, people made of dust, and words, words of peace, the explicit reconciliation of opposites, and especially to glorifying the small group enthusiasm of tribal groups, while ridding ourselves of the perpetual warfare of the tribes.

Fourth--Calendar House Of Singing Times Calendar is Objective/Face

In Gardner’s terms, Chapter 5 of ‘Beyond Belief,’ and The Complete Cross of Reality
Forward CB

The New Torah/Instruction develops from these 3 institutions as a liturgy shapes worshipers. How To Make Your Communities Better, The Symphony Of Peace History, Calendar House Of Singing Times.

Next: Show these from UH 1954 and Chapter 5’s Revolutions of the West

Then, mohar/market

Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes, especially ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’
Get a product or several. Get a ‘name’. Make apps.


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