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A Simpler and Easier Strategy Toward Peace

Hermit, Monastery, Landlord, Truce, Cities: Toward Peace

Simpler and Easier: Start Now
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Big Picture: It’s worked before. We modify it.

What’s in it for you? This is a comprehensive strategy Toward Peace. It has worked before. Here I explain it.

Who says? Please read and join. A few will join and start to give feedback, and to work Toward Peace.

The first thing to do –it’s VERY simple -- is described at the end. Call it the seed of the seed of peace, for we are trying to help organize the conducting of a next layer of social order in history. All social orders remain, glorified, in calendars. Community Holidays: Tribal, Business and Work Schedules: Empire, Israel: Church Calendars, Greece: Educational Schedules.

We have a calendar already, and an art form. We’ll grow into them!

Yesterday I wrote about marketing A Next layer of Social Order in History Toward Peace.

As I thought about it during the say a Simpler and Easier strategy came to me. It’s based on a pattern that has worked before.

Rosenstock-Huessy tells of the example in history of Hermit, Monastery, Landlord/Knowledge/Truce of God.

We will emulate it. This will 'tame' the perpetual warfare of the tribe, I pray.

THE BIG PICTURE. In sophomoric terms (for this was probably in about a sophomore class at Dartmouth, after the Roman Empire fell, the raiding tribes were kept apart by forests. Then hermits moved into the forests, and land-clearing monasteries followed, and onto the cleared land came share-cropping peasants who depended on the planting, etc. knowledge of the rich now monastery landlords, but this cleared land allowed the tribes to raid again, but the monasteries had sufficient wisdom, etc. to become a glorified forest for peace-keeping by saying and enforcing (proxies?) 'No fighting during Lent,' 'No fighting from Saturday night through Monday morning,' etc. And the Peace Movement of the 12th C., mentioned above, unto oath-covananted cities, plus. Page 90 of Berman’s ‘Law and Revolution,’ almost all free online at Google Books.


I am the hermit (my work is based on ERH and JBJ, and many others SF-ly, e. g.), and a few will be a group, not celibate and poverty-chastity-obedience, but in the sequential place-time of monasteries, and wisdom and wealth may come, and then the speaking and oathing of peace.

I want you to be one of that group, one of the few, as ERH would say--and more. One-Few-Many-All, he says somewhere. I'll send you messages from time to time, and other material is on ChuckHartmanHistoryConductor, my Charles Howard Hartman Facebook, Godparents for Eldsters and some new places. Thanks for the encouragement. Writing this out in the paragraph above has been very helpful. Most is in the Facebook Notes, open to all.

What you should do first.
1—There is something major each week that you should think about and apply. It should be the message of the sermon.

2—Take this message and run through the Core History of Humanity’s Childhood (and more) with it, seeing how it was stated and told in that time, and in the institutions after He Who Reversed The Trend, King Jesus.

3—Thus, from page 6 Jordan’s small booklet, ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future,’ which I will give those few with whom I personally work:

Ephesus – “garden” – Creation to Abram
Smyrna – “prison” – Abram to Moses
Pergamos – “ wilderness” – Moses to David
Thyatira – “kingdom” – David to Elijah
Sardis – “remnant” – Elijah to Jeremiah
Philadelphia – “world witness” – Daniel to the Maccabees
Laodicea – ‘Communion with God” – Maccabees to Jesus

[These are slightly modified in ‘A Brief Reader’s Guide to Revelation’]
[I would add after Jesus’ resurrection to the Laodicea portion, and include Jordan’s Church, Christian State, University continuation of his ‘Father, Son, Holy Spirit’ success emphases in history.]

On Sunday, apply the sermon to “garden,” on Tuesday to “prison,” etc.
We ‘line out,’ that is, repeat. [HOST9338]
Later we will ‘retune’ this, renaming the days, and add other parts of the calendar of A Next Layer of Social Order in History to it, and thus we will build up the Hermit-Monastery-Landlord-Truce.

Let’s get started.

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