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The Symphony of Peace/History

The Symphony of Peace/History
[We compose, do, be, sing the New Song, recapitulating proleptically – the past and anticipation of the future.]
Each person has a talent to contribute, a pressing need. To these two we add a Jordan historical situation, person, Bible verse, etc. and then given all the persons, callings, verses – all working together – each is, respectively assigned a Day, from 1 to 8 (Resurrection) and each week a Day (with calling, person, jordan) is added to make 12 at the end. 9, Ascension, 10, Pentecost, 11, A. D. 70, 12 anticipates The Great Day.
General Pattern: We learn to truly speak in our calling by speaking as GodTrinity spoke in the Bible, one anothering, under Conductor, which conducting we learn also.

1 Law to 2 Lyric. 3 Lyric to 4 Evaluation. 5 Evaluation to 6 Fact.
7 Fact to 8 New Law. (Also Torah, Wisdom, Prophecy, Gospel; Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective; Ox, Lion, Eagle, Man…)

Each even week is for initiations and introducing new Day. Week 1, Day 9 (Ascension): Week 3, Day 10 (Pentecost); Week 5, Day 11 (A. D. 70); Week 7, Day 12 (The Great Day of Final Judgment).

Order of Speaking Changes because God retunes the Universe
We are learning to speak speech which transitions from one era to another, we are maturing by re-enacting this cosmic process, so that others can participate.
We speak true speech, behind which we put our lives.

Important: Conductor (Day 8 sits at West, looking east from Holy of Holies, until Week 8, when Conductor moves to North, looking south.

Poor in Spirit and Woe Week 1: Law 87654321 creative construction/initiation—ask questions. Then 9 is introduced. Then each or several ask(s) a question in Law to Day 9, (see Jordan on Revelation for retuning of universe at Ascension. I take it farther.) and Day 9 (Ascension) asks a question in Law of each or several

Mourn and Woe Week 2 Lyric 415263789 responsive reconstruction/psalmodic response (answer questions) ; 10 words of Solo also (in addition to answers)
Meek and Woe Week 3: Lyric 415263789 CC—creative construction (ask questions). Day 10 is introduced. Then each asks a question in Law and/or Lyric and/or combination to Day 10, and Day 10 (Pentecost) asks a question in Law and/or Lyric and/or combination of each or several

Hunger and Thirst and Woe Week 4 Evaluation RR—responsive reconstruction: 10, 987531642 10 words + 70words of Solo also (in addition to answers)

Sabbath in Middle.Merciful and Woe Week is a rest, a week of Celebration of The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly TBOTMOFA (Har Mo’ed, Armageddon)

Pure in Heart and Woe Week 5 Evaluation 10, 987531642, ask questions. Day 11 is introduced. Then each or several ask(s) a question in Law and/or Lyric and/or Evaluation and/or combination to Day 11, and Day 11 (Pentecost) asks a question in Law and/or Lyric and/or Evaluation and/or combination of each or several

Peacemakers and Woe Week 6 Fact: 123456789.10,11 10 words + 70 +153 of Solo toward True Speech in form of letter to each’s respective church in Revelation

Persecuted and Woe Week 7: Fact 123456789, 10, 11. Ask questions. Then Day 12 is introduced. Then each asks a question in Law and/or Lyric and/or Evaluation and/or Fact and/or combination to Day 12, and Day 12 (Pentecost) asks a question in Law and/or Lyric and/or Evaluation and /or Fact and/or combination of each

Ye Persecuted and Woe Week 8 Law; (Fact becomes new (transfigured) Law (/Wisdom/Torah/Age-World))
12, 11, 10, 987654321. Answer questions. (Christians live from the end, backward from The Great Day of Final Judgment, de-fined=from-final(end).) Here are the solos, the TRUE Speech—oaths, that one puts one’s life behind; thoughts made real--per the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation—the whole Book of Revelation being a letter to Jerusalem Below, the whole old creation. Days 9-12 take from all representatives to make such a letter-type. To the 10+70+153 is added enough words to make 430 (in Egypt), or 480 (until Temple after entering Land), 490 (Sabbaths not observed, leading to exile, or 70 weeks of years until Return from Exile), or ‘500’.

A key is to choose to what note in song one writes. What institution is like unto what church, what person, what (something else)?

Questions/Initiations are to help the other person write his or her Solo, or
To help yourself, or
To help the group or parts of the group.
We are weaving a garment/house her, the Church.
We learn to speak ‘universes’ by asking questions under the aspects of each week, and we learn to respond to ‘universes’ of questions similarly. It’s maturing unto New Song. PhilsYMMM! 1 John Meek SardisCoram861. Sept. 1, Thursday, A. D. 2011. PhiladelphiaBmoY!


See also ‘Twelve Tones of the Spirit’ and ‘Ten Commandments of Education. Rosenstock-Huessy. Argobooks.org.
In Clint Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief,’ Chapter 5 shows this pattern in the revolutions of the west: Papal, German, English, American/French, Russian.
‘Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact unto new Torah’ from James Jordan’s wonderful booklet: ‘Crisis, Opportunity and the Christian Future’. BiblicalHorizons.com
[from HOST9138—modified August 2, A. D. 2008: :SmyrnaYom, JohnSheba, Season of Blessed are the Meek (and Associated Woe Matt23:15), Philadelphia 860]
© Charles Howard Hartman, Tuesday, December 6, Anno Domini 2011. PergsYMMM! (PergamosBmoY!), Jeremiah-Lamentations sheba, Blessed are the Merciful (and associated Woe, Matthew 23), SardisCORAM 861(Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi). Use freely, non-commercially, with attribution and links.

See Symphony of History on YouTube. A brief introduction @ 6 minutes in short segments) is here:

Part 3 of 4. Imperative—Comprehensive Beauty (Rhyming Covenant Sequences), Subjective—How To Make Your Communities Better, Narrative—The Symphony of Peace/History, Objective—House Of Singing Times (Calendar). All are attempts to help organize the conducting of a new layer of social order in history, like unto Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, and after He Who Reversed the Trend (Jesus Christ), Israel is glorified in the Church, by getting rid of exclusiveness, Empires are glorified in the Christian state by getting rid of slavery, and we face the task of glorifying the Tribes by getting rid of perpetual warfare. See Rosenstock-Huessy’s Universal History 1954 recording from Dartmouth lectures, especially the last few which recap this.


If you
ever in your life had a bright idea, or a new instinct, or a
new change of heart,
Sir, make this the cornerstone of your understanding
of the universe and you
will understand that the universe begins with creation. And
it ends in incarnation, because that's the experience of every potent and creative
man in the world.
But you look outside and try to deduce by your little brain,
not by your experience of your heart how the world begins, and how it should be
run. You'll never
solve it, gentlemen. You'll remain a selfish, inarticulate
animal. If the spirit moves
you, you will see how simple
things are, gentlemen. Love begins, and hope
keeps you going, and faith. And in the end, your grandchildren
will bless you.

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