Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sermon Effectiveness Form

What's in it for you? 1--The theme of the sermon is before each member of the congregation throughout the week. 2--The member goes through the whole Bible and history, one part per day. 3--Emphasis on embodying his/her BIGGIE (calling) in action.

Who says? Try it and see.


WRITE YOUR 'BIGGIE:' HERE: [The most important thing you can do at which you would be most difficult to replace. What you wake up thinking about at 3 AM. …]

From the sermon: 3 bridges in the sermon to effective action, if… .
From Terry/Velva Evans on Facebook: awesome sermon today at Emmanuel Baptist Church ... God forgives his children, why can't we forgive our brothers and sisters in Christ?! ... stay away from bitterness and resentment ... Amen, Amen, Amen! CH: “in Christ,’ that’s the key?

Now we begin. For each section of History, find parallels, applications, precursors to the sermon topic/verse, and relate it to your biggie, so that you can take appropriate action.

‘Sunday’: Ephesus – “garden” – Creation to Abram

‘Monday’: Smyrna – “prison” – Abram to Moses

‘Tuesday’: Pergamos – “ wilderness” – Moses to David

‘Wednesday’: Thyatira – “kingdom” – David to Elijah

‘Thursday’: Sardis – “remnant” – Elijah to Jeremiah

‘Friday’: Philadelphia – “world witness” – Daniel to the Maccabees

‘Saturday’: Laodicea – ‘Communion with God” – Maccabees to Jesus
[Add the time period after Jesus’ resurrection to the Laodicea portion, and include Jordan’s Church, Christian State, University continuation of his ‘Father, Son, Holy Spirit’ success emphases in history. And see ERH’s Tribe, Empire, Israel, Greece, He Who Reversed The Trend, Church as Israel without exclusiveness, Nation-State as Empire without slavery, now something as Tribes without perpetual war. Greece is always a companion only.]

On Sunday, apply the sermon to “garden,” on Monday to “prison,” etc.
This is the simple part, the beginning, the ‘lining out’.
Later we will ‘retune’ this, renaming the days, and add other parts of the calendar of A Next Layer of Social Order in History to it, and thus we will build up the Hermit-Monastery-Landlord-Truce.

3 Possible Actions To Embody The Sermon Into Real Life




And next week, we go back again, more mature, to get more ‘ammunition’ of the Word to apply to fight the Holy War against the Devil (God’s Devil) more effectively in Redemptive History. The Lord be with us.
Remember the Big Picture.

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