Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Bible In A Year? Get The Rhythm

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On an internet (sic) forum, it was asked how one could best do The Bible In A Year. Which program(s) work best? The idea was to read through some of the Bible each day.

I resoponded:

1 of 2) 15 minutes a day. One of the recorded Bible folks said that by listening 15 minutes a day, one could listen through the whole Bible in a year iirc.

2 of 2) To get the rhythm of the Bible, use JBJ's Garden-Prison-Wilderness-Kingdom, etc. division of the Bible from 'Crisis, Opportunity...'. Have a form that lists the key ponts (sic), bridges in your sermon--bridges to action. Then have them see how on Sunday, these are seen, foreshadowed, resonate in Garden, on Monday Prison, on Tuesday Wilderness, etc.

On Saturday they would do Communion with God (or Apostasy in Jesus' Time, if using A Brief Readers Guide) and add Church-Christian State-University-and What Next? so as to prepare for going about doing good.

The key is not study, so much as it is maturing so as to go out with timing in redemptive history so as to effectively wage Holy War. Study is preparatory to participation, to being, to doing.

Notes: Of course, the universe is retuned and to be retuned, so we don't live only in a 1234567+ sequence, but a paisely of sequences. Song of the Twelve, Rev. 5:12 and 7:12, more.

For extra ponting (sic), use Sunday, Moonday, Warday, MoneyMessageday, Fatherday, Motherday, WayOutday.

In a couple generations one could get to the true firmament (Eph. 2:6, and days based on the churches in Revelation, taking them in, such as EphesusYMMM!, EphesusBmoY!, but, as I write, that will take a couple of generations at this rate--but we should be ready for an eye-opening trauma.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Example that I use with 4 unchurched at work. Today is Wednesday, MoneyMessageday. Kingdom in 1234567+. Suppose the sermon was on John 3:16. Much about sons and sacrifice in David to Elijah, the Messiah from David, the world-modle is Temple, etc.

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