Thursday, February 22, 2018

It's time for Christian Court TV--Judge Judy's millions

I searched ‘Judge Judy income’. I apologize for the poor typing. I too am still recovering, and too often the cats are too interested in what I’m typing. I’ve corrected things.  The concept is still the same—money (and societal wisdom) from Christian Court TV (and other media). Judge Judy made $47 million, 2016. Gross of the show since 1996, $1.6 billion.. Opportunity for you, Christian Court TV. And lots of media. Churches might send in videos, transcripts of various length (Gary North's written much on this). Gradually graduate to TV, syndication. Types of content: 1.0= examples for civil magistrate. Young man steals $1000, Church or member makes robbed person whole--$4000? Elder or member hires young man, is repaid from young man’s salary, some per week. Elder/ember is made whole by the $ and good employee. Young man learns trade, maybe is set up in business after repayment made, and so is made whole. Society has productive member. (This is a combination of several things in Torah. 2.0= church discipline. 3.0: To Highest Court (prayer). Much more to discuss. Recap. The market's there, the media too. Suggest 1/3 to those sending in videos, transcripts.  More discussion?  Love in King Jesus, Charles Howard Hartman. PS: North's 'Tools of Dominion' would be a good place to start. It's free online. Jordan’s Exodus commentary ( has great wisdom when discussing the case laws.  Remember, ‘making whole’ is the key.

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