Monday, February 5, 2018

7, yea 8 names for SuperBowlSunday

Dear Gentle Ones:

7, yea 8 names for SuperBowlSunday

5 years ago, Dou's wife, Esther Horner Roorda, asked me for a counternarrative to SuperBowlSunday.

I provided it and 7, yea 8 names for that day.

They depended on various calendars, of which we often are not epistemologically self-conscious.

As part of my transformation to being one who transforms the current from the highline (mountains of time) to the former quotidinanity (sic) of a household, I will someday list them.

But in the meantime, what names would you provide?

7 is judgment (Cascione, 'Repetition' and 8 is Rusurrection!

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie, C.A.S.H., Hartman

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