Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thoughts on July 7 Meeting (2017) --Sheila Distribution

Dear President Sheila:
Staff ideas. Some of these are  crazy, some won’t work, some could be tweaked and changed to work.
I could buy soup from Amazon Prime Pantry @, let’s say, $1.50 a can, and 240 cans, totaling $360, and then, say, 3 sprouting kits @ $15 each, or $45, total then $405, plus 5 pounds of Lentil sprouts for $20 x 3, or $60, total now $465, and then 5 pounds of alfalfa @$35 (splittable 3 ways) to total @ $500, but how would we get these out and used WHILE WE WORK ON THE GARDENING AND ROSETO EFFECT?

Thoughts on distribution, etc. 1--We've planted good seeds in many places.
2--Our key, I believe, is the Roseto Effect, that gardening (more) and sharing leads to community, and longer, healthier lives.
3--As you mentioned, gardening, sprouting, and soup could be keys.  I'd add winter/indoor gardening, and ask: What can be planted now? [You’ve answered this with your post if Feed Locally – Stuart Community]
4--Certain people can be assigned certain tasks now.  For instance, were we to think that Experienced.Gardening.Guides would be good, that they'd help new people garden, as Good E.G.G.s, Marilyn, a Master Gardener and former high school horticulture teacher, might be good to head that up. Pastor Porter is already Community Garden leader. Etc.
5-(Please see above) -Amazon has good prices on cases of soup, some with pull tabs, some low sodium, so the $55,000 idea might be useful, especially were we to distribute through church members, and Congregate Meals/Meals on Wheels.
6--But, to repeat, our 'thing' is (more) gardening and sharing.
7--Might we call around to find out who will plant in their yard, and research 'The Town Plowman'--that is, 'Have Horse, Will Plow'? Waltz, and others, might call around. About this, Community Garden, etc.
8--It'd be good to have commercial growers. They could even have apprentices, and 'If your outgo exceeds you income, your upkeep will be your downfall'.
9--To get The Powers That Be into the program, we need to 'show them the money'.  Tourism, etc. will come later, but for now something with the Manual, and a niche that each might fill could be good.  I have some ideas. I’m working on it—it’s not easy.
10--But let's hear what others propose, for we've had good enthusiastic innovations from many.
11--Sprouts through Cottage Pantry and Congregate Meals might work.
12--What else? [E. g., next year, maybe the Food Bank could use the Pudans land offer, if still available.  Did Food Bank get back about the tour?]

Love in King Jesus, Charles/Charlie 'staff' Hartman

PS: I’ve had trouble getting Little Free Pantry boxes on posts made, and it might be better to have church members find the hungry with cans of soup and sprouts and packets of seeds in most cases. I do have a can of soup (Amy’s Organic Lentils—from Campbell’s) for lunch at work. The seed mats can be made.

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