Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dance and Compose, CEOS! (Galatians' imperative stem)

Dear Gentle Ones:

Danceompose. Dance and compose, ceos!

I search for the imperative stem of each book, through the year--Celebration.Of.Resurrection.Anno. Mundi (CORAM--see the Latin). ERH said that every Latin verb form was based on a shorter imperative stem. 'Ite'.

Thinking a neologism, 'danceompose' for Galatians. I'll re-read Mike Bull on it.

This combines the fractality and musicality (patterns, themes, etc.) with the requirement that we respond.  Three ways. Move/dance to the mucic, hierarchically be the ceo, chief executive officer, and compose our songs after the one true God, who sings to us, breathes into us.

New Speech, New Persons, New Organizations--ERH, best summarized in Gardner's 'Beyond Belife,' Chapter 5.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie '49 peace corps pirates' Hartman
PS: The question is, where is Galatian in the 7x7 of JBJ's 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament'?  More on that later.

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