Monday, July 31, 2017

The Schliemann Option

Dear Gentle Ones:

The Schliemann Option

It would be good to make enough money to support great works.

Schliemann was nnot expecially noble, but he did retire at 36, and did find Troy, they say.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie Hartman
PS: This seems to be a good time to make money, and I'm thinking it's not as good a time to get 'the art form (of) the next era out--should I leave that to the great-grandchildren of my great-grandchildren?
PPS: What's the 'imperative stem' of Jude, which can grow into an oath-formed small profitable enthusiastic group to build as the old groups are destroyed during this time of great technological change which increases our reach, and decreases the time it takes?

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