Sunday, April 26, 2015

Population Demographics and the Elderly--The Fourth Time Around?

Population Demographics and the Elderly--The Fourth Time Around?

1--The Life Quote in our bulletin this Lord's Day mentioned 'He give us truth to call...assisted suicide a sin.'

2--A conversation with a stalwart before church was about my 8 brothers and sisters, the smaller families today, and Goldman's book 'It's Not the End of the World, It's Just the End of You'.  This book is about popluation demographics, and in it or another book by the same author, 'How Nations Die, and Why Islam is Dying Too,' the author writes that the more education a Muslim woman gets, the fewer children she has.

3--I will now connect the stalwart's words, something such as 'I don't see how this is connected' to a great opportunity for the Church to get ahead of the Fourth Time Around in pro-life activities, the elderly.  The first 3 times, per George Grant's book, 'The Third Time Around, were, respectively, the Roman Empire--we won that one--and then 19th C. America--another victory, and the 3rd time is now, the Roe v. Wade era.

4--Briefly, we can turn the liability that there won't be enough money to help the elderly, into an asset, as we help the elderly with a program similar to what we do now for youngsters.
a--Abandoned babies picked up and save from death in the Roman Empire were an example of a liability turned into an asset.
b--This article indicates the 'letting Granny die' will be much more attractive when the money is running out.

5--What can we do to get ready to help those whose families will not?  We can adopt a program similar to sponsors for youngsters.  The sponsors are ready to help if parents die, or something.

6--I'm not advocating something exactly the same, but I am advocating Godparents for Eldsters.  I have some myself.  Here's a link to a very short website, which iteslf has links to very short additional items, including very short vidoe of the ceremony.


i'm thinking that this is a perfect project for Lutherans for Life to lead.  An email or article inviting comments and the development of action plans would help.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'James 1:27' Hartman
Member, Zion, Dexter, Iowa
PS: The great Rosenstock-Huessy, in 'Out of Revolution,' tells of the time @ the 12th Century when the church realized that the population was lacking persons in the 3rd part of life, those ages 60-90. She then created them! We will need those ages 30-60.
c: Pastor Keuning, Mary, Lutherans for Life

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