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First Timothy WOW! ?

This is part of Building A Christian Civilization BookBrick By BookBrick

I go through Jordan's 49-book Bible (he combines some of the 66) from Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament on


So far I've done Hebrews and Titus.

The year (CORAM-Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi) starts at Pascha/Easter.

Hebrews was OTT 511.  Omegalphic Transition Turn.  (Exodus was the last book of the last CORAM)

Titus was the discovery of knowing that, per an analogy to E. T. Hall's 'Map of Culture' in 'The Silent Language' the first 7 books, or days (or other 7) could be written both across the top of a 7x7 grid, and down the side, so that, since the Calendar Of Peace Prejected (COPP, nee HOST--House Of --that is--Singing Times) comes from the future, backwards, retuned,

TITUS IS THE JUDGES OF DEUTERONOMY, that is, the 7th iteration of Deuteronomy.

Deuteronomy was written after Moses digested the Sinai revelation during the Wilderness wanderings, and was a sermon on the Decalogue, applying it to the situation that would arise in the Promised Land, once they got there.  See 'Covenant Sequence in Leviticus and Deuteronomy' at

So, 1 Timothy.  The Judges of Leviticus.

Given what I'm reading, I will concentrate on the comparison of 1 timothy 2: 1-4 ('pray for authorities'...') and a present situation in which it appears that the 'state' authority is failing, and/or some new social order is arising.

Early Christians had a similar situation, in which the Roman system was failing.  Cochrane, in 'Christianity and Classical Culture' says that they could not handle 'the one and the many,' and that the discovery of the Trinity allowed Christendom to work.

What do we need to discover now?

Something more complex, I'd say, since we are later in history.  Jordan's 3 apply. 1--Maturity, 2--Redemptive History. 3--The Holy War against the devil and his angels (CHH--'The devil is God's devil': Luther).

Rosenstock says that it will be socio-   something, in Universal History 1954. In 'Through New Eyes,' JBJ says 'wait'. Elsewhere, he says it's Jeremiah Time.
Even elsewhere, it's something after Church, Christian State, University, these new aspects of the Father, and then the Son, and then the Holy Spirit, after the Resurrection.

I'm thinking it is more complex than the 5-point covenant model, or the 7 Days, etc.

A combination of numbers, words, names, as in ERH's work, could be needed.

Zero State is something that approaches what we are looking at, since it is a parallel builder. Zero State also is transhumanist, but so are Christians--Is. 65:20, metanoia, life from death, a body like His...

The idea of finding the WOW! of First Timothy is that finding the urFirstTimothy, the Hey!, the imperative stem, the Spirit, the gist, the essence is that from that one can build a weaving, starting with something from the 3-corded cloth of Jordan's 3, above, such that, as we go through the COPP/HOST/49 Books eachCORAM/year, we build, liturgically, and like unto ERH's Revolutions of the West, best summarized in Chapter 5 of Gardner's 'Beyond Belief'.  WOW! is also like the first part of the scientific method, what Newton saw when the apple fell.

Then one would go, ERH-wise, from this Imperative to Subjective, then, respectively, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service.  North: THEOS--Transcendence, Hierarchy, Ethics, Oaths and sanctions, Succession.  North has more.  There are 5 in The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive (nee TSOH--reverse of HOST--The Symphony Of History.  Jordan, in 'Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future': Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, New Torah.

Here are good links to some of my work.  Hand them out at my funeral:
Love in King Jesus,
Thursday, April 23, A. D. 2015/PhiladelphiaYMMM!, First Timothy Sheba, PhiladelphiaCORAM861.

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