Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good links to my stuff April 23, Anno Domini 2015

Love in King Jesus,


  1. I'm finding good insights that will be actionable in the Proverbs 26:4 project. This week, 1 Timothy, and there is ZeroState going around--a parallel conflict-resolving situation, plus what they think is new, not understanding the deep depths of Christianity. Enoch translated (uploading), life from death, new bodies like His, the new person in Christ--the new creation in Christ, the great change of metanoia, Isaiah 65:20--child considered cursed if dies at 100. Etc. Building A Christian Civilization BookBlock By BookBlock Building A Christian Civilization BookBlock By BookBlock​ Bret L. McAtee​ The first wwk was Hebrews, starting a new Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi (CORAM--yes, two languages), then Titus as the Judges (7th iteration) of Deuteronomy....more WOW!s coming, more AHA!s, imperative stems, inbringing, like unto Newton and the apple, like unto entering worship--and from these we build new institutions, memes, new types of speech, new types of people, as explained best in a short way in Gardner's 'Beyond Belief' Chapter 5, on the revolutions of the West., per Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy​

  2. How is First Thessalonians the judges of genesis? That is, the 7th iteration, repetition, of the key thing, the WOW! of the book of Genesis, how is 1 Thess. that? This short explanation of a Proverbs 26:4 project for building a civilization of peace is where to start.