Monday, February 23, 2015

Toward Peace With The Axial Age

Well, in-out-forward-back.  

Rosenstock-Heussy (why don't my tags work sometimes) describes whole social orders on these two time axes (forward-back) and two space axes (in-out).  

Too much emphasis on in => mysticism, on out => revolution (?), forward (is that revolution too), backward => decadence.  

I think this is something to ponder. 

What I've done is to put it into a calendar of named days, as was done to consume/digest the gods/planets of Rome, Greece, and Norsemen in our Sunday-Monday... .  

So, AlreadyDay (Sunday, Lord's Day), JesusAllTimesDay (forward, this from 'The Christian Future, or The Modern Mind Outrun), LaoTzuDay (inward), AbrahamDay (backward--all these persons from an essay by ERH in TCF), BuddhaDay (outward ), and here I add and interpolate to 'outward#2) Greek, especially Theater vs. ChristianPropheticTheater, then NotYetDay.  

So, the in-out-forward-back, mostly in historical persons, is sandwiched between the Already and the NotYet.  

This could be valuable for peace, for what Norse or Greek or Roman gods are inspiring fighting and wars today?

Rosenstock, above named, says that the Israel of Old and the New Israel conquered the astronomical/astrological empires by worshiping one day in 7, amening that The One True God (Trinity in the New Israel) made all the gods/planets of the empire, what the empire worshiped, in 6 days and all very good, and rested on the 7th.

James Jordan mentions that the religions, great men of the Axial Age were raised up for the church to deal with later, and that they were raised up during the time that the church was in Exile, as the Israel of Old.

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