Thursday, February 12, 2015

Musical archeology of ‘Because all men are brothers,’ with electricity implications

Some Very Important Musical Archeology
Thursday, Feb 12. Anno Domini 2015: Musical archeology of ‘Because all men are brothers,’ with electricity implications

Well, first we find that the tune of the IWW, ‘Wobblies,’ International Workers of the World is ‘O Sacred Head Now Wounded,’ it seems

Hears a rendition (‘Render that to me in English, Herr Hartman!’) of ‘O Sacred Head Now Wounded’:

What’s the significance, archeology of music-wise?  I refer you to Velikovsky’s (! yes) ‘Mankind in Amnesia, ‘but more particularly to this great short story by Lafferty, ‘What’s the Name of that Town?’ somewhere in here:

This relates to the bookblock by bookblock funbuilding (Bledsoe ‘Alinsky’) theology of building a Christian civilization.  And to Rich’s joke that the neurotic builds a fantasy house, a psychotic moves in, and a psychiatrist collects rent on both.  Now, a play on premises, and Proverbs 26: 4-5.  If you build on the other person’s logical premises, you’ll live in the Culture House built thereon.  But build on Biblical bookpremises, and you’ll have a better Culture House. (Apologies to E. T. Hall’s Map of Culture in ‘The Silent Language’.)

So, what are the implications?  IWW had some Biblical roots, for they chose that tune.  So also the name Knights of Labor. (ERH said that knights were made from the thugs of scattered castles of strongmen (sic) after the horse collar made 10X the freight able to be moved).

Oh, Lafferty! I put these odd bits together as you did to find out. (Spoiler alert, the answer is at the end).

But, the implications?  Where did IWW go wrong, and Debs (who got two million votes for President while languishing in jail for opposing WWI, about which Wilson  was re-elected on the slogan ‘He kept us out of war,’—until he was re-elected! Who had the moral high ground there?

IWW and Knight of Labor, at best, became just another interest (Barzun: ‘It’s always about the interests’.).  At best.

Why?  I’ll connect all this up with electric lights, and combating societal amnesia, and archeology, given this musical example.

The brief answer is lack of service, lack of leitourgeia (spelling).  That is, they did not follow JBJ’s Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact-New Torah sequence.  They had the Law, or better, ERH’s Imperative, North’s Transcendence—working with hands, religiously. JBJ, Intro to ‘Liturgical Thinking’ reprint.  We don’t only speak, and it is, we use hands.

But did they more to Lyric—or better, Subjective, Hierarchical?  To Evaluation/Narrative/Ethics (here casuistry!), to Fact/Objective/Oaths and Sanctions? To New Torah/Planetary Service (by pirates, those outside the regulated areas, says ERH in his last book, Planetary Service)/Succession?

So, what I’m trying to do with FunBuilding Christian Civilization, over the years (corams: Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi—an acronym in Latin, with the first letters of English words, an echo of ERH’s statement that ‘origin’ is a word from two social orders) is to move along the avenues of service, a brick of life laid down for others to climb up the building (walk the road, Bonaventura).

Thus we retain social memory. An echo of Godparents For Eldsters.

Example:  What was the sequence that led to the electric light, primarily? Well, Tesla’s father was a Serbian Orthodox, and they have a doctrine of energies.  But subjectively, Tesla was a piece of workmanship (Eph. 2: 8-10, the Greek for ‘workmanship,’ said ERH was ‘poiema,’ thus poem. That could flourish in the narrative of America, and thither he went, to factually work with Edison, and behold, a new light-type.

When this type of work is done more, we’ll remember better. Is it zachar?  Is that the commanding word?  [Perhaps we’ll understand ‘as my memorial’ better then too?]

Spoiler:  Lafferty lists facts in ‘What’s the Name of That Town’. Eventually we discover that Chicago was destroyed by a nuclear explosion, but that it is not wanted to remember that, and, if I remember correctly, the machine invented to make sure we don’t remember is itself not remembered.  But I may be mis-remembering.  O praise the Lord that He gave us writing, some say by showing us how by writing with a finger (on His hand?).

‘All my shots may miss, but I hit the target—help others with their respective poems’.

Love in King Jesus,

Hartman, Infrequently #1
I pray this is an armoredgument.
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