Sunday, February 15, 2015

Induced Harvesting of Ideas Otherwise Potentially Lost

Induced Harvesting of Ideas Otherwise Potentially Lost. 2 ponts on induced harvesting of  ideas otherwise potentially lost..  (Yes, ‘ponts,’ as in bridges in French, a play on points) First, VMMA, on the other side of the world, would be AWWV, let’s say.  This came to me as I was being gently awakened while sleeping on the couch @ 9PM by my wife having turned on the light over her recliner to do something with her tablet computer—or maybe just the light from the tablet awakened me.  Now, I get ideas when I awake, usually in the morning, but this could be Second, the Newton’s Apple of creativity for people such as I, to be gently awakened in the middle of a sleep cycle, to harvest whatever ideas would be lost otherwise.  And yes, I know there’s a story/movie about Monsters, Inc. (?) which has a harvest when children are awakened by monsters.  But the key is, don’t let this get lost, this whatever it is that produced an idea, out of time (Tesla, Paul—‘Tesla, Man Out of Time,’ and Paul, apostle out of time. How induce other harvesting of other ideas, not only from those who have ideas when awakening?

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