Friday, August 17, 2012

What About The Church Calendar?

Church calendar is good. ERH says it is a glorification of Israel, of course. Empires come to us in business, work, marketing calendars. Tribes in community calendars. Greece in educational calendars. So, calendars have come FROM social orders. ERH says 4 basic ones: Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece. These are glorified after He Who Reversed The Trend into Church, Nation-State, and we await the glorification of Tribes, which will retain small enthusiastic groups, but get rid of the perpetual warfare of the tribes, as nation-states, ERH says, got rid of the slavery of the empires, and as the church got rid of the non-inclusivity of Israel. (Greece should be a companion only, not an 'order' now.) So what I'm aiming at Timothy Glenn Hatfield II is to do the calendar first, so as to PRODUCE the new institution, and this is one of a 4-part series that ERH says was done in the national and other revolutions of the West. (Best summary: Chapter 5 of Gardner's 'Beyond Belief'. So I am adding another layer of social order, not knowing what it will be for sure. As I work through the Calendar of Peace (House of Singing Times) this coram (celebratin of resurrection anno mundi) I am finding some that it might be. I'll be writing 4 eBooks, Peace River Tribe 1,2 ,3,4. Love in King Jesus, Chuck (PS: Days renamed. Seasons per Beatitudes/Woes/+. Psalms lined out--2x/
coram. No moonths (sic) but sheba (weeks) 49 of 'em, JBJ's 49 from 'Rethinking The Order of the Old Testament). Book per day (retuning). The Symphony Of History in the middle, inside out TSOH is of HOST--it's a recap, proleptically of all, with 4 houses with tensegrity (TNE), interactively, typologically. Opus 41 is New Song, Singing as Chiastic Glorification of Creation Speech. And much more. Some stuff is on YouTube, most at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.

[I also tattoo the order of worship onto the year, and have other tattooings as 'better than skin tattooing,' for tattooing was a way of communicating in the old tribe, but we can do better, we can glorify--do better tattoos. Beatitudes as seasons of year in 7-week chunks is another. Psalms are tattooed too. Son tattoos 'air'. I tattoo the Heidelberg Catechism onto the history of Pella, and The Pella Square. Etc.]

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