Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mark Horne on 'Materialism' and Tanzania

It this be materialism than fire up the stake and chain me to it

‎'Abundance' is helpful, especially the parts about 'The Rising Billion' as a market, and 'demonetization,' one instance of which is that at current value of money, we get $900,000 of FREE features on a smart phone, compared to what these cost when first introduced. And then there's 3-D printing, and that Africa has gone from 10% Christian in 1900 to 46% now (Jenkins) and that Africa is largely bypassing the HUGE investment in land line telephones, because of cellular technology, and then there's the mobile phone money they have.

I disagree on one point, Mark. We MUST remember what it was like before, lest we forget. Memorialize even. McCloskey's 'Bourgeois Dignity' makes the point that we have forgotten THE GREAT FACT that we live '100x' better than our ancestors a few hundred years ago. Why? It's not economics. It's that in the 1600s/1700s in NW England the bourgeois, the merchants/traders/innovators began to be supported rhetorically and with investments. That's it. Each of them DID build that.

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