Saturday, August 25, 2012

So you want political leverage? Who Rules The Land?

Why can the Federal Reserve Perversely exnihilate? Because the church has a deficient doctrine and practice. (I fail here myself, because man 'makes,' and God 'creates,' but you know what I mean, I pray).

Why is there an immigration problem?  Because the church has a deficient doctrine and practice of bringing into the Kingdom.  In earlier times, one would have critiqued George Washington Plunkit ('Honest Graft') and Tammany Hall.

Why is there a prison problem in these uSA (sic), in that there are more prisoners here than in any other country?  Because the church has a deficient doctrine and practice.

I speak in general.  The Bible has the correct doctrine and practice in any area, or by good inference  and or deduction these can be obtained therefrom.

Want more?  Why are politicians and voters so childish and immature?

Abortion and monetary policy have both been discussed elsewhere.

Surveillance state?  Do we know which persons in the respective communities we are charged to disciple belong to which churches, or none?  God tells us to do something, and when we don't do it well, others take up the task perversely.

Ill-conducting of the Holy War leads to very bad perpetual war for perpetual peace.

Ill-understood and/or ill-practiced redemptive historical doctrine leads to historical ignorance and the bad consequences thereof.

[It's a long slog, it's early days].

People satisfied with not working, and complaining of poverty? Where is the vision, where are the budgets for 1000 years that Berman talks of on page 6 of 'Law and Revolution'?

The Constitution?  The founding confessional documents? Belgic 36 comes to mind.

Judgment begins with the House of God.

Love in King Jesus,

Old Charlie
PS: 5th Word, under pagan dictators and gods, etc. with time segments, and I could go on.
PPS: It's early days, it's a long slog.
PPPS: Tattooing? I've had a proposal for a while.
PPPS: I'm reminded of Brown's 'Cult of the Saints'. He mentioned that when cemeteries were moved into church grounds, rather than being kept apart, it was a big deal.


Hey, I can post again!  It must have been a Yahoo! problem.

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