Thursday, August 23, 2012

So you want political leverage?

So you want political leverage?

1. Our deficient doctrine and practice of exnihilation means God has given the spirit of it to the Federal Reserve.

What's the solution?

Objection: God would not give the Holy Spirit to the Fed.
Historical data: There have been conflicts throughout history about to whom the Gospel is given: King or Priest (or Family?). I'm a perichoresisist.

2. We've previously discussed a proposal that our (the whole church, not our great denominations)deficient doctrine and practice of dealing with children has occasioned the perverted doctrine and practice of abortion on a mass scale.

What's the solution? a. It's a long slog.

Objection: Just because the fact that 'we' make children prove that they are worthy of participation in the Lord's Supper does not mean that the culture as a whole can say that infants in the womb must prove their worthiness.
Historical data: Oh yeah?

3.  JBJ states in WRTL? that when we don't do what God says we should with our money in the church, He shows us what it is really like to be ruled by those who pay bad attention to His Word about money.  Shades of Judges.

4. A whole slew (pun intended) of more.  We don't operate the Holy War aright, so we get all these perpetual wars for perpetual peace. We don't know the salvational and vocational status of everyone in the community (bags of eyes: Ezekiel) so God gives us the perverted surveillance state. We don't tattoo aright (carve up the time and times--I'll have examples shortly) so we have retro skin carvings of tribes. Alternatively, since we are not small enthusiastic groups of tribes, He gives us 5th generation warfare, nets and jets. We pay insufficient attention to our founding documents (Belgic 36, e. g.) so He gives us anti-Constitutionalists--or better, we don't 'update' and apply our founding documents, in accord with the 'make and destroy and re-make' God of the Bible. We concentrate on children too much, so our leaders are childish.

This is just a start.

Judgment begins with the house of God.

The Lord be with you.

PS: It's a long slog. It's early days.  Let's continue to begin.


  1. PPS: The ur-prescription for living long and doing well is surely the 5th Word. And godparents are not just for youngsters anymore!
    Video Of (short) ElderCare/5th Word GFE Ceremony

    Transcript at:

  2. And then there are things such as 'the art form of the next era,' and 'the calendar of peace for neo-tribal times'.