Monday, May 21, 2012

The imperatives of SardsYMMM! Re: Ascension sermon.

The imperatives of SardsYMMM! Re: Ascension sermon.  The exclamation point indicates an imperative—we ‘are’ Sardis, therefore be more of Sardis.

Should we name our days after Greek/Roman 'gods', and/or astronimical objects, or is the social firmament Ephesians 2:6? That's why today is.....SardisBmoY. SardisYMMM! If we were naming them after morality it might be Prudence, Temperance, Courage, Justice, Faith, Hope, Charity.

OK, Ascension and Sardis.  One should go to the letters to the churches also, though Jordan says that Sarids refers to the Remnant and Exile period of the Bible.  How was that an ascension type, and how is that glorified AFTER the Ascension? Last question first: It is glorified in that we apply the lessons of all 5th of 7 (or 5th of 12) days to the present.  Thus, what swarms should we be looking at--5th day of creation.  Naming our days of the week (sheba: 7, oath) after the 5th of the 7, yea 8 churches is another.  The key is to combine the before Ascension with the after Ascension, and to think of what imperatives were given to them that apply to us.  One of the key imperatives was that they weren't coming back from exile soon, so 'work for the food of city'. In Remnant, Elisha started the school of the prophets, and Elijah was told to find the 7000.  Jeremiah had '51' or so prophecies--that would be a year's worth of weekly studies, especially IF we are in a Jeremiah period.  How to determine that, if we are in a Jeremiah period?  If so, can we overcome it, or is patience the thing?{More if wanted].  Tomorrow: Pergamos, the Wilderness period.

Facts become Imperatives.

What are the imperatives here?

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  1. Indeed, show me a man's schedule, and I'll tell you who he is. And a society's calendars. (ERH--He says we have 4, inherited from past social orders: Tribe/Community, Empires/Business-Work, Israel/Ecclesiastical, Greece/Educational. I'm working backward on a 5th, but that's another story).

    But, to Ascension. I've taken JBJ 'stream of consciousness exegesis and tied each day of the week now to pagan gods or astronomical objects, but to one of the churches in Revelation as they point to ears in the core history of humanity's childhood, as times to be glorified, now, after the Ascension, for instance.--And I've retuned them, etc., but that's too, too much.

    So today, in the new system, it's Remnant and Exile, especially how Daniel's Exile was an Ascension, and how the exile of Christendom from America may put us and our incarnated principles/word, into an ascended position via the internets (sic), where each posters word has dignity. Compare McCloskey's great book Bourgeois Dignity. In 1600-1700 in Holland and England, the merchants/traders/innovators began to get dignity and honor by rhetoric and finances, and from that we get The Great Fact that we are 16-100-+ times better off than our ancestors of a few hundred years ago. 5th Word, we should honor this. Vishal Mangalwadi says something similar in The Book That Made Our World, that Islam ascendant became Islam descendant, and the West ascendant, because though they were more powerful 1000 years ago, now Finland exports more than all of Islam (excluding oil) and Spain translates more books into Spanish in one year that Islam has translated into Arabic in all Islam's history.

    Thus, meditations on ascension via stream of consciousness exegesis via renaming our days and schedule of thinking after the ascension of the church, Ephesians 2:6.

    Question: What of Pergamos/Wilderness--Moses to David/Solomon. That's tomorrow.

    Love in King Jesus,