Sunday, May 20, 2012

Detoxifying Too Fast Chrestomathy 7b

So I've executed a document that says that one who holds my Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care does NOT have the authority to place me, against my will, in a nursing home, hospice or other such institution. This should get me a competency hearing, and it should help prevent my relatives from committing the sin of man stealing. That's one. Two is that I have various teams to help me--family, church, rescue, cure, and godparents for eldsters. But the BIG thing is that these are both an example of how to organize and witness the 5th Word (honor father and mother, inherit) and how we can witness as we go out, downstream, to the nations. Doug Roorda, Scott Bailey, Brian Nolder. And fourthly, this is a response to last week's sermon--I will try to make continuing responses, for it is respectful. For instance, for the sermon before, which had as one part the arrangement for carrying on, I retained Hannah Roorda to work on the Tune of the Twelve. For this week, Ascension, I will elaborate on the folly of having days of the week named after pagan gods and astronomical objects (are we 'under'them?--when we have eEphesiasn 2:6 and other passages that indicate that we are raised up with Him and seated in the Heavenlies. Happy KolBmoY, WholeYMMM! [For better glorification, each day a different era of the core history of humanity's childhood can, in an adult way, in The First Adult, be glorified--moved into the new covenant. These are retuned as Sardis, Pergamos, Ephesus, Philadelphia, Thyatira, Smyrna. Love in King Jesus, Charles Howard Hartman

PS: Here's what prompted this:  If you’ve never eaten fermented foods before, too large a portion may provoke a healing crisis, which happens when the probiotics kill off pathogens in your gut. When the pathogens die, they release potent toxins. If you’ve never had fermented foods in your life, you need to start very carefully and very gradually, beginning with as little as one teaspoon of sauerkraut with one meal. Observe your reactions for a couple of days before proceeding with another tiny portion
This Food Contains 100 TIMES More Probiotics Than a Supplement by Joseph Mercola

PPS: Being too soon or too late--that's a sin.

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