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How To Grasp The Future

How To Grasp The Future
Chrestomathy 6b/53, 2 Timothy, May 13-19 ‘Sode’-ing the future

There are 4 patterns here.  The Rosetta Stone of Time, Bloom’s tuned empathy and saturated intuition from ‘The Genius of the Beast,’ House Of Singing Times, and Lectionary Chronological Historical.

That is, I’m traveling through this calendar, that is the face/coram of a 4-fold sequence that arises from trying to psalmodically respond to things in JBJ and ERH. I call the calendar, itself the 4th fold, House Of Singing Times, or recently the Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar.  It goes from Resurrection to Resurrection.  Next Lord’s Day starts the 6th week.

As I go through this, there are many covenant sequences that rhyme within the structure. I explain them as the tuned empathy and saturated intuition move me.

One of the things that has come up is the Rosetta Stone of Time.  The idea here is that GodTrinity, who is everyWHEN, communicates with us from each of these types of time. The communications we have from the past are the easiest to ‘sode’. (More on ‘sode’ later). Written words, archeology, etc. We live at the end of a long period of time  heavily devoted to nature and science. It’s easier to ‘sode’ that.

Communications in the present are tougher.  That GodTrinity still speaks NOW is controversial, but that and how He does communicate in the present, though it need to be more and better articulated, seems to be the case.  Communication is not only done by speaking.

That he ‘sodes’ to us, Amos 3:7, ‘secret’ from the future can be deduced, it seems. A key here is ERH’s statement that it is heresy to say that the past and the present create the future, rather, says ERH, somewhere, the past and the future create the present.  Thus, ‘herovolution,’ the poem. McCloskey’s conjective truth, compared to subjective and/or objective truth is helpful here. She says that the truth discovered by talking together (with-thrown) is a good truth, and attainable. ‘Bourgeois Dignity’ is her book. The Great Fact that we live much better (100x?) than our ancestors a couple hundred years ago is attributed by her to the dignity given merchants and traders in NW Europe.  Traders and merchants, and now innovators were supported financially and rhetorically, and so we got more of these things, and this produced living standards beyond the dreams.

I’m thinking that little seeds, or ‘sodes’ communicated to us from the future, combined with patterns (we need to make a list of JBJ’s patterns, and of the patterns of others, put them on cards and lists so that when confronted with something, we can then pull out the cards/lists, and proceed to better know) can help us—that’s my best hypothesis so far. Such things as a fielder moving before the crack of the bat, or the whole tune coming to us when we hear a couple of notes, these are hints.

So, we’ve had some tuned empathy/saturated intuition, we’ve had some Rosetta Stone of Time, and we’ve had some calendar.  The 4th thing is Lectionary Chronological Historical. The LCH is one of the things that rhymes with the calendar. 

[Oh! I’m trying with this calendar to reverse engineer a next layer of social order in history, toward peace.  More often than not, calendars are constructed after the fact, from some great trauma or completeness of talent.  They are archeological remains of past eras. Tribes, community events; Empires, work schedules and business plans; Israel, the eternal ecclesiastical calendar; Greece, education. We can’t ‘play God’ but we are commanded to psalmodically respond.]

There are several LCH examples.  One of the most elegant is Elder Roorda’s HAAG, History At A Glance, based on JBJ’s Biblical Chronology work, divided into a 7x7 grid of 49 blocks, each @ 81 years, with a Delay block of 80.

One can do the time since A. D. 70, ,one can do the whole from Creation to Now, but for ‘sode’-ing the future, I think 2 grids of 49, one from 854 to now, and one from now until an equivalent length of time has passed, 3170 would help.  We’ll go through them backwards and forwards, @ 23 years in each block, so the 6th blocks—4 of them—are1001-1023, 1897-1875, 2105-2127, and 2979-3001.

It’s early days, we’re just starting to ‘sode,’ Strong’s 5475.

Here’s a little more about ‘sode’. I seem to recall that Hebrew has something like ‘completed’ and ‘not completed’—what do I know? Some kind of play on ‘know,’ meaning ‘make’ would be valuable to fathom. If we’re conducting the Word, as electrical transformers, can we conduct from the past and from the future? ’Sode’-ing is perhaps a new sense, like X-rays: Do we need instruments? I know one girl in class in college would see colors when a charismatic professor talked. I know another person who seems to be able to sense energy flows, medically. I some ways we must die to know.  Adam’s rib, Adam’s lack of interposition, Delay, Incarnation, ‘with all my worldly goods I thee endow,’ ‘women and children first,’ true speech behind which one puts one’s life.  And more will be found. At various times ERH, if I recall correctly, said that we smell the future, and that our gonads (or other appropriate parts) sense the future.

A word: ‘Sodeprehend’ => ‘grasping the future.

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