Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Name days aright and move out of the asylum.

Does it seem as if you are living in a lunatic asylum, as one has posted?


It's all Providential, though. You may be in a period after Israel has forgotten God and been put under the Philistines, and before they once again were moved by this to call upon God for a messiah. The questions is, what time is it? You can continue to worship Wotan by having his name on your day, Wednesday, or you could proletically live in the new social firmament, re-retuned and named for Pergamos, the wilderness period, as PergamoxBmoY (the Day comes from the future).

Eat up! PergsYumm! is here!

Love in King Jesus,
Chuck 'radical renamer' Hartman -- wait! 'radical re-amen-er'

8531642 (with flip, then 7 Churches/Eras sub for planets)

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