Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here is your Reformation

Here Is Your Reformation

Dear Pastor:

I leave the new communications technology to another post. I think it is like unto the printing press that was used so mightily after 1517.

The key reformation, if Creveld is right is the decline of the state. You would maintain, as I do, that any Christian state has been perverted into secularism.

What will replace the state? Creveld says that there will be many organizations similar to it, corporation-like. ( He sees the state as an impersonal organization).

How will these new impersonal corporation-like institutions be formed?

Here’s where you come in. You can help them be formed covenantally.

Consider the comparison between the Mayflower Compact and the incorporation papers for Wal-Mart, or Ford.

Were you to make a model covenant for institution formation, it might be used by the next big institution.

Do it in a way like the first part of the Decalogue.

And since states, universities, and other institutions have not honored the past (father and mother, GodTrinity), and have consequently lost the future, an emphasis on the 5th Word would help.

Gary North has written, somewhere, on how to leave a legacy, without it being used by those who come later in ways AGAINST what the one who left the money meant. Examples are Foundations: Carnegie, Ford…

There you are, in conclusion. New institutions will arise to carry history forward, and old one dishonoring GodTrinity will not carry history forward. Your knowledge of covenants can enable you to help these new institutions be formed covenantally.

Love in King Jesus,


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