Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Core History of Humanity's Childhood Week 27 (and 23)

Ain't it great? Core History of Humanity's Childhood Week 27 (and 23)

Check out the Core History of Humanity's Childhood.

In my pictures. Seems simple.

Take Ussher's @ 400 years. Divide by 49 (49-book Bible, when Hebrew Scriptures are seen as 22).

'Write' this onto a year (extra weeks are Holiday Weeks).

Then go backward and forward through one period of @ 81 years per week, and look up in Ussher (free online at PreteristArchive --I'm not a full preterist) and what do you have, starting the year at Resurrection?

This week we have, going Creation to A. D. 70, between Abraham and Moses. 81 x 27 = 2187 AM through 2267. And backward, we're headed from Abraham to the Flood.

Lectionary Historical, I call it.

As Adults now, in Christ (we were children until Him) we are to respond to this as psalmodic response, as we see in Psalm 1:1. Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly. And then God gives us a new situation (after A. D. 70, analogously) with sinners--what do we not do? walk in the way. OK, scornful, what do we not do? sitteth in the seats.Etc.

Love in King Jesus,Chuck the re-amener

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