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'Deep City' Cured: Response to Bledsoe on BH

Dear Rich:

In your 'Glory of Kings' contribution you call for New Speech (naming), new Persons (un-deglorified...), and a (re)new(ed) Institution (JBJ, Lord's Supper Warfeast). I 'kokintz'-ed it, found it among my books ('The Mouse on Wall Street').

These will disinfect 'The Deep City'

Even more, as we would use Rosenstock's concept of the symphony of history and timing, in a Jeremiah Time manifestation of The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive by increasing the moving backwards and forwards at the same time*, we would eat (incorporate) these insights together, to make ERH's 'small, enthusiastic groups,' only oath-formed (as Berman ('Law and Revolution')says cities were formed downstream from the Truce of God. And they'd be productive and profitable, based on the Jubilee Calendar (JBJ's 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' results in a 49-book Bible, written on Resurrection to Resurrection, with Jeremiah's 51 prophecies (Bullinger) and the Psalms as additional layers.

I'm working on it.

An older version is on Google Sites.

Somebody will discover it a few jubilees  from now.

A prayer.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck 'Opus 53' Hartman
*PS:  Thus as we begin with one of the 12 Days in this tabernacle of time, we also initiate out end, the group. As we move through speech, we combine, institution, ans with Bull's work as an example, we could use priest,-king-prophet in new persons. In other words, the 1 and 5 go together, the 2 and 4, etc. Imperative with Planetary Service, Subjective with Objective, and Narrative brings all together in a microchron (microkairos, micro Day)--that of which we remember the before and after).
PPS: To start, think of one of the 12 Liabilities that this art form of (that is) the next era will use to turn into an Asset, the mark of the Christian Era.
PPS: JBJ once wrote me that he knew few who could even play (ERH: incubate). I Toscanini--play all the parts--in this one-man version, but pastors could do it with 9 others. They'd play day 1 and day 8 and day 12.

Add January 7, responding also to D'Sousa:

Thanks, Rich.

Here are 2 points, no 3, no 4.  They really ARE related.

1--I mentioned to one of my liberal friends that the welfare state is the plantation of our time.  That opened his eyes.

2--The Progressive Era' is a good book. The big contrast is between the 'postmillennial pietiests' who though government was the way to do good, and the 'liturgicals' who saw salvation in the church. The first were generally Republicans, and the rest weren't.  The PMPs wanted suffrage for women.  This narrative doesn't fit the first point (1, above). Bryan's ascendance in the Democrat party in 1896 destroyed this contrast, according to the book.
This book also has a great perspective: That our present corporate state resulting from a compromise between relative laissez -faire and Marxism.

3--Szasz has written a GREAT book, 'Ceremonial Chemistry' Politically, the main point is that between the end of the 1861-5 conflict, and @1913, most of the DOMESTIC tax revenue cam from taxes on liquor. After the income tax was passed, the AMA came out for Prohibition, and doctors made millions writing prescriptions for whiskey. The Timetable at the end is what to read first.

So, to sum up, some, too many, think salvation is from the state. Creveld shows that the state is failing for lace of sound money, and lace of justice. What to do?

Here I refer to another thread from your post, that of cities, on which thread I posted that your JBJ festschrift contribution has the beginning of answers--now both to the Democrats/D'Sousa and cities.

. You mentioned naming, and un-deglorified and more people, and JBJ's comments promoted the WarFeast.

The naming is the key. As Rosenstock states in 'Magna Carta Latina,' every Latin verb form starts from a short imperative stem. 'Ite!' ends the Latin Mass. 'Go! Missa est--You are sent out.  There's much to that.

And naming, the vocative, is half an imperative.

And a form that sums up, forward and backward, where and when we are, and how we got here--ERH--as a prayer, is the omegalphic enterprise.

CONCLUSION: Yes, Democrats are the party of slavery and death. (Death wish is the daughter of guilt). The Republicans 'me too'. To name this is the beginning. America is a hope, in that we 'Live and Let Live,' and operate muchly on 'Let's Make A Deal'

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Missionaries go for the next generation mostly, though there is 'Contagious Disciple Making,' and its million baptized in a graveyard for missionaries.
PPS: Coining new words is good. 'Kokintz' and 'Toscannini' (spelling?) as verbs are good, 'Herovolution--change by helping explicitly reconcile opposites encapsulates well.  The mistyping of significant as singificant was happy.  Coin some words--add to the stock of currency!

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