Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mike Bull +: Numbers as conquest in CDATMCG

Results: Numbers as conquest in CDATMCG

The Symphony can be done, but it's difficult.  For now, given my stress levels, I'm concentrating on the small, enthusiastic groups that ERH intimates will be the next era of history, as new technology destroys old groups.

Among these are Deut. -> Christian Court TV, Leviticus -> Jubilee Calendar, Genesis -> TSOCHI, Joshua -> How To Make Your Communities Better (through travelling the Cross of Reality--see Gardner's 'Beyond Belief', Numbers -> 49 (+?) oath formed small profitable enthusiastic groups, (ofspeg), Exodus, Godfaathers of Everything.

In addition, I think the Four Gospels are see-able s ForwardInBackOut, or 'Cross of Reality' and I hope to add the other 3 to as additional layers of The Eternal Calendar (compare Church Year and Lectionary).

Hebrews can be a longevity missionary band effort, and Titus can be 'e-burke,' or 'rebuke by using commandingly social media--elecdtronics is more than a new continent.

More later.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'ofspeg' Hartman

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