Sunday, June 11, 2017

Will $55,000 Feed The Hungry of Stuart--Some PRELIMINARY Thoughts

Will $55,000 Feed The Hungry of Stuart--Some PRELIMINARY Thoughts
[This is IN ADDITION TO 'Garden (more) and share']

HostA847 Feed Locally Pounds of Food


Also, some soups are even cheaper!
Let’s say 400 people are food-stressed.  A—1 in 8, per some articles, of 1700 = 200+. B—40%+ of school students (West Central Valley, 800) + parents. C—15% SNAP/’food stamps’ =300+ of 1700.

OK, 400 is a high estimate.
Does not include those needing better vitamins, which is most of us.
Now, Food Bank of Iowa message quoted someone that the average person eats 1.2 pounds of food/day.
Let’s help with the .2 pounds.
.2 pounds x 400 = 80s lbs. a day.
80 x 400, to make it easy and high = 32,000 pounds a year, or 16 tons.  Easy to remember.
Now, if one could get, for comparison, 200 bushels of corn per acer x 55 pounds a bushel, that 10,000 pounds, or 5 tones. 
So 4 acres of corn would do it.
But one needs better food, and there’s delivery, of course.
Let’s try sprouting for the nutrition—later.
For now, how much is a pound of vegetable beef soup, with an easy-opening pull tab? No pull tab shown, but condensed Campbell’s is $1.63 for 10.5 oz., let’s call it a pound. That’d mean 32,000 of them (can one order that many) or about $50,000.
$50,000 this way.
Are there other ways?

To build community and to thus get more of the Roseto Effect (fewer heart attacks, etc.) for each in the community to garden (more) and share would be better.  Also this would help to ‘Stuart’ Stuart, that is help us to be a community helping the food producers (residents gardening for others now, farmers then) along the Big Mover (the internet now, the railroad then). This would encourage indoor gardening and sprouting, container gardening, community gardens, winter harvest, the Kotzebue Arctic hydroponic greens, etc.
How much for sprouts for all 400? Assume 400 families (older people at Congregate Meals would probably be singles—add that to the school totals).
It could be done more cheaply, but kitchen crops is @ $10, and grows 4 at a time. Sample pack is @$20, 5# alfalfa @$35, 5# lentils @$20, so 10 + 20 + 35 + 20 = $85, x400 = let’s say $5000.

So sprouting for nutrition and self-help is $5000 and vegetable beef soup is $50,000 so for $55,000 (excluding gardening and sharing 

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