Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Proposed Readings For Proposed Holiday PUBLIC VINDICATION

Find and do (pray for) the most important thing you can do at which you would be most difficult to replace--this week for me it's the readings for a holiday (holidays change cultures) remembering and applying the destruction of the Temple (in/) Jerusalem in A. D. 70. Something about The Fall and the 4000 years until The Rise. Secondly, 480 years after Conquest until Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple @ Anno Mundi 3000, 70 years of Exile (Axial Age too) because of 490 years of no Sabbath to the Land. Thirdly, from rebuilding wall (City of David => Temple) and Temple, and INRI being responded to with 'Credo ut intelligam,' and then 'Cogito ergo sum,' and Rosenstock's 'Respondeo etsi mutabor'--I respond though I will be changed. Latin, of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, was the language of governing on the Cross, you see. Fourthly, The Ascension, pictured in Rev. 5:12-7:12, the big thing, per James B. Jordan's commentary being the 'retuning of the universe' by circl of fifths-like, in the order the attributes of Jesus are listed, similar to how we got our days of the week, and now that we are seated with Jesus in Heaven (Ephesians 2:6) we breathe life (and waters come from our belllies, the Holy Spirit in us) as God breathed into Adam, thus a chiasm.
Well, that's put out for improvement.
Love in King Jesus,
Charlie '49 peace corps pirates' Hartman Charles Howard Hartman
PS: The German speaking LCMS remember A. D. 70 at about this time of the year, using readings from Josephus. We can do better.

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