Thursday, March 26, 2015

Watch this 153 Space?! [See BookBricks]

March 26, AD 2015. Philadelphia/Numbers. 
OK, take your book of the week. JBJ’s 49.
Consider it a Newton’s apple epiphany, that you get the gist, the geist, the Spirit of it.
It’s analogous to being Called in, in the 5Cs or Call, Cleanse, Consecrate, Commune, Commission.
You will build on that, it’s a Brick of the building of culture, from a Book.
As you do it, use the 3 of JBJ of Holy War, Redemptive History, Maturity.
So, 49 x 3 is 147.  Add a BigSix, which makes 153 and also echoes Creation Days (you’ll get to 7!)
That’ll make 153.
Mike Bull calls that maybe a First Fruits.
OK, then you’ll go through the sequence of Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles—have a building?  But there’s Purim?  We’ll figure it out as we go more along.
Thus, a culture based on a layer of Calendar, built.  Christian.  Calendar Of Peace Precepted. Nee House Of Singing Times, as garments of High Priest to The Symphony Of History.  This latter from ERH in ‘Fruit of Lips’. Calendar has something to do with major announcement, near Kalends, the end and beginning of 1/12 of year, a month (sic).
Congratulations! With Grace-ness.
Love in King Jesus,

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