Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sign(s) Of The Cross

Command, History, NEWS, ISNOP, Discipling, Building.

As Command, the Holy of Holies is Light on the First Day, the Altar is the Firmament on the Second Day, the Table is the Vegetation of the Third Day, and the Lampstand is the Luminaries (to rule) of the Fourth Day.  What is unsigned is that the Fifth Day, then, the Swarms, are commanded, echoing both the Third Day spreading, and the Fourth Day ruling.

As History, the Priest at the Altar is first, then the King on the Throne, followed by the Prophet of Lights, and thus Israel of Bread and (Strong ) Drink.

As NEWS, NorthEastWestSouth, we have the Table of Israel, acted upon successively by Priest at Altar, King on Throne, Prophets of Light.

ISNOP: Rosenstock’s Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective, Planetary Service is East, North, West, South.  I have done this for the old home town, to move her from serving farmers along the Big Mover/railroad in 1871 to, I pray, serving ‘urban’ farmers along the Big Mover/web in 2021, but here’s PellaSquared/How To Make Your Communities Better, about which a wise one said ‘Every town in America should do this.’  The movement would be from being given refuge to giving refuge.

Discipling.  Is it a circle, from the raw Table, Israel, to Priest/Altar, to Prophet/Lampstand (Bible Study?), to Enthronement?  And spiraling out?

How do our buildings resonate with the above.  JBJ’s Visionary Worship is what to ruminate. (Cud-chewers are clean animals).

What do I know?  These are worth rumination.

Love in King Jesus,

PS:  See ‘Jokes and theological training’.

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