Monday, March 16, 2015

Latest 1-Page Intro/Link To The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive

The Symphony+ Of Comprehensive History Interactive
Analog to the scientific method, art form of the next era. Simple enough for a 4-year-old to get the gist, beautifully, comprehensively challenging for the most mature. Someday, a world-wide app. People like the INTERACTIVE part.

Liturgy. Scientific Method. The Symphony of Comprehensive History Interactive
Each is like a part of the Tabernacle—lampstand, ash rake…
‘What did God do after he made the Creation, the Cosmic Tabernacle?’
they asked the rabbis.
‘He married the parts to each other’.

I've found this application of standardized tests. Well, two--I could 'test out' of all math and science in college, leaving me free to do other stuff, but the 'A is to B as C is to ___' helped this way. There's a 5 part covenant. Think first 5 commandments in Hebrew numbering. Then there is the 3-decker universe. Heavens Above, Earth Beneath, Waters Under the Earth. If the covenant applied toward the heavens above is worship order/liturgy, in the first 1000 years (applying Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy), and that freed the way for science, which I claim is the Waters Under, in this way: Newton's called to a new situation by the apple falling. He doesn't know why, he's inadequate, but he's reassured that he can figure it out--that's Cleansing/Confession and Absolution, applied to the Waters Under. He researches what others have written, and does his own--Readings and Sermon. He tests, Communion: Don't eat and drink unworthily. And his hypothesis, now theory, is taken out, Commissioned for the world.
 So, Worship Order is to Heavens Above as Scientific Method is to Waters Under, as _________ is to the Earth Beneath, People made of dust?

The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive: Sing your solo within the symphony overture.
It takes time to load, and there's a pt2.

This sums my work up pretty well. It takes a while to load. Within it I mention and link my other efforts. There is a part 2 (pt2). Thanks again! Simple enought for a 4 year old, but deeply and beautifully comprehensive enough for the most mature. Peter Peter J. Leithart, the post to which I added this comment explains the historical background. I responded to ERH's 5 steps of a revolution by having an entry in each one.
An app could help in the connected world.The key, per ERH in ‘Universal History 1954’ is to avoid the perpetual warfare of the tribes, while also keeping the small, enthusiastic groups of the tribes.
Get it YouTubed, with fill-in-the-blanks book, a better than the above.Others with skills to help!
Some JBJ, someERH, some 5-point covenant model.
+The symphony of history from Rosenstock-Huessy, ‘Fruit of Lips’

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