Friday, June 20, 2014

Urban Nations And Illegal Immigrants--Are We Missing Something?

Dear Gentles:
>Steve Schlissel of Urban Nations in New York has
>written that it takes many tens of thousands of
>dollars per year to send missionaries overseas,
>yet, at no cost, God has moved hundreds of
>thousands of people from various overseas
>cultures to the NYC area. And these people are
>already searching for something better. That's a
>focus of his church's evangelism.
>Can't we say the same thing about 'illegal immigrants' in the whole uSA (sic)?
>As a second point, RJR once wrote, if I remember
>correctly, that tithing agencies were big
>helpers of waves of immigrants in the past.
>Thirdly, but now we have the idolatry of the state to contend with also.
>Am I missing something? Is the drift of this
>argument persuasive? If so, what should be done?
>Love in King Jesus,
>Charlie 'Chuck' Hartman
>PS: Fourthly, Israel was in the center of trade routes for a reason.
>And fifthly, I think this is tied up with our
>'Joe's Southside Garage' situation. More on the latter, later.
>Sixthly, if we think Social Security, etc. is
>going broke, should the underground economy....well, you know?

Re: 'illegal immigrants'--what to do?

I mean, let's get serious.

1--Seek 'em out.  Many risked their lives to get here. (Many are gang members--learn to tell which is which)

2--But, before that, try to find out what has worked best for Schlissel.  I think he usesa Southern Baptist book about learning English using the Gospel of Mark.  Do free English lessons, no questions asked still make sense?

3--Empathize with them, use Exodus themes, etc. but emphasize that there is a reson it is so much better in these uSA (sic) and that's because of our Christian heritagel

4--The prove it!  How?  'Jesus in Beijing,' as Dr. Bledso has told us, by a Time correspondent, near the end, tells that the highest reaches of Chinese government asked their people to find out what was the cause of the prosperity of the West.  Answer: Christianity

5--There are surely MANY other books and series that tell the details.

6--After you/we get done teaching that, and it should be videoed and put on YouTube, etc., teach that to the Anglos, etc.!

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Chuck' Hartman
PS: I know you will have to navigate around the possibility that if the authorities find out, you might be raided, but ERH said in a lecture that the Middle Ages concluded that 1--Just laws must be obeyed, and 2--Unjust laws may be disobeyed when one is willing to suffer the consequences.

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