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TheTwentyTwo, A Howl In Symbol Language, Dialect Calendar: Demarketing

TheTwentyTwo, A Howl In Symbol Language, Dialect Calendar: Demarketing
Some Advantages
1—Adds another layer to the understanding of the coming of Jesus by putting A. D. 70 as an outgrowth of the Cross, and the Resurrection and Pentecost.

2—Claims, in Symbol, the Language, that the whole Bible was written before A. D. 70

3—Were we to have better understood A. D. 70, we may not have had the hyper-preterists so badly, nor the dispensationalists

4--God communicates with us in Symbol, the Language, and we should psalmodically respond in the same language. The TwentyTwo is in the dialect, Calendar (or is it pidgin?)

5—Since TheTwentyTwo runs forward and backward, we thus amen that the past and the future cause the present. (ERH said that to hold that the past and the present cause the future is heresy!)

6—Do not forget what we learn during Advent about A. D. 70 and other comings of The Lord

7—The Calendar of Peace Priming (COPP) born HOST (House Of Singing Times) is not intended to be another church calendar, but to help produce, in a Gladwellian ‘priming’ way, peace in a new time period, inspired by Rosenstock’s Universal History 1954 call for a glorification of tribes by getting rid of thAne perpetual warfare, and keeping the enthusiastic small groups. [Also see parts of ‘An End to Revolution’ in  ‘Out of Revolution’. This is a psalmodic response to history and the Bible, as we await, during Jeremiah Time, something to follow Church, Christian State, University in James Jordan’s rendering.

8—I realize that this appears ‘flaky,’ and may even be considered wrong.  It’s an attempt, and one could look up PergamosCoram861 and/or “I Believe Herovolution’ in chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.  To form the basis for this calendar I put Jordan’s 49-book literarily-conceived Bible from ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’ and retuned it for a second view to be used simultaneously.  4 weeks for holidays that write the structure of a worship service liturgy on the Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi are some of the keys.

What is TheTwentyTwo?  Starting at Pentecost, and continuing for 22 days, we ‘write’ the Old Testament 22 books on these days.  Also, the 22 letters of Hebrew, per ‘Rethinking…,’ and their meanings, and the 22 sections of Psalm 119.  At the same time, we do a 6 + 21 for the New Testament.  And we run these backwards and forwards.  At Day 71 begins a proposed ‘Public Vindication’ celebration that lasts for 7 days (a week, a sheba), and is done in the order of the 4s of the 7x7 grid, retuned to 4152637 (the order of our days of the week now, as the retuning in Revelation 5:12-7:12 shows us—1234567 becomes, by circle of 5ths, 4152637 [generally], and I think an 8531642 should be considered, which I have written onto PhiladelphiaCoram861.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘Chuck’ Hartman
PS: Yes, this writing is a form of demarketing. It’s a way to seek one or two or a few--those who would turn the howl to music, as some say the howl of the black farm worker became the music of jazz. (Great Courses)

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