Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Joint Ventures? CHHCJV

Watch this space.

I give you a small portion of the total amount I will eventually give you for writing, on this basis:

1--You give me a business plan for making money/generating surplus
2--  Remember, much of what I want us to do together in information products for a small market, Christians, which is only a billion or so people
3--You should start to get Janet Switzer's material (How Experts Build Empires) and Jay Abraham's free materials at, plus Warren Whitlock, John Kremer and others are good on book marketing
4--You could do this yourself, from the start I give you with the idea, but
5--I cana help
6--I think a 50/50 split, with no further funding from me is a good idea--what do you think?
7--Write up your proposal, send it to Then you get the rest, you operate, and off we go!

Lord willing, this has some potential

Love in King Jesus,
Charlie 'Chuck' Hartman
PS: Jay says a PS is a second headline, so ... many of what I would want to capitalize on are at, and Facebook Notes (Charles Howard Hartman)
PPS: North has a great site.  It would help your proposal were you to have subscribed to it, and studied the marketing area and forums.

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  1. Added next day.

    Extra for making it a series.

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    Taste (Japanese, new one added to sweet, salt, bitter…?)
    Propriocept. (Augustine, 16th. C. France per Teaching Company.
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    Charlemagne and the filioque, and RJR’s ‘Social Order,’ and the music that comes
    from filioque, and profit as mutual indwelling in the transaction, TSOCHI
    Sequence: ERH has a couple. Smell (the future with sex organs!?), hear, touch, see (these last two, I don’t know), and he does end up with taste. And then each of the Gospels has a characteristic posture: Matthew stands, someone sits as secretary to another, a third kneels at the feet of. I think this is in fruit of lips. Since Gregory VII, the Bible backward through the Revolutions as the Generation of Language.