Monday, May 23, 2011

Who IS Demented?

We can, we must, learn from 'the demented'.

We are to be 'poor in Spirit'.

I listened to my mother (not enough!) and wrote down what she was saying. Some art there. (I like science fiction, and mysteries).

I sent some to a rhetorics professor, and he said that every speaker must have an audience, and that I was a good audience.

Of course, the great saying of Moses is 'Listen, Israel'. Hearken, listen so as to act. The Shema. I am a Christian.

The other side of the coin of 'A decent respect for the opinions of mankind....'. Love in King Jesus, Chuck

PS: The autistic, the idiot savants, the man who is blind but who echolocates, navigates by clicking (Book of Ele, AND in real life)...each is one of God's children, for a purpose. Perhaps I am blinder than they, as my siblings were more demented than my mother.

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