Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saturday Court and Heidelberg Club, plus

5 new projects: Christian Court TV, Saturday Court, G.E.T., Heidelberg Club, Raising Funds

I should be more diligent. Get these out more often.

The Christian Era is when liabilities are turned into assets. There are many court shows on TV. Why? Because there is some disturbance in the justice field. Before we get Sharia Court TV, we had better produce a show that shows (aha!) how Christian justice would be done. One could even 'You Are There' some Biblical court cases. Solomon and the Baby, The Woman Taken in Adultery, Nehemiah's rough justice.

But better, why not have Saturday Court, where all who have business can draw nigh? Are people satisfied with how disputes are handled? Is there a better way? One could share the decisions amongst a network of similar Saturday Courts.

Great Exchange Thing is a way of putting together deals that are done by those pursuing Great Things Multi-Generational Big Projects. The idea follows the Victory House-Building pattern. God defeats the enemies of His people, they build Him a house, He moves in, lights the fire, and they administer the conquest. Exodus is an example, so is Solomon's Temple, so is Christ defeating Satan, casting Satan out of Heaven as Jesus takes His seat, Pentecost is the fire and we are supposed to administer all.

Combine this with turning liabilities into assets, and with the idea that businesses arise out of the family covenant, and we can see that over generations, someone should take the great plastic ocean in the Pacific as a desert to be made fruitful, someone could colonize Mars under King Jesus, the dead spot in the Gulf of Mexico is something to be reclaimed, etc. Various civil governments come and go (6 flags over Texas) but Big Projects keep on going.

The Heidelberg Club is a way of studying and applying the principles of the Heidelberg Training Manual (Catechism). Each person over the year uses the HC as a 'lens' through which to solve some particular problem. The questions and answers for each Lord's Day are applied to this problem. Thus, we bring timely questions to the wisdom of the HC, and as we discuss these with one another, more articulation of the HC can be done. We did this at work one year. It made for great fellowship. One fellow had fellowship as his theme, another had studying the Bible better and applying it. Etc. This is great lay outreach, and good for one anothering and mutual participation and application in the church.

To raise funds, go where the money is. Chet Holmes has a plan using the 'Dream 100'. What clients would you want, if you could have any that you wanted. Devise a plan to go after this Dream 100 as you simultaneously do what else you have been doing. This is in 'The Ultimate Sales Machine'. He doubles sales wherever he goes. For fundraising, maybe Pastor Alcorn's teaching has produced a base of givers who would want to help whatever project for which you are raising funds. Who would be on your Dream 100? Who could write a check for twice one's yearly fund-raising goal? Where is a list of the top 1000 individual donors in the world? Who know someone who knows someone, who knows someone...is 6 degrees of separation, you can reach anyone, it is said.

I'm doing a one-pager on the Great Exchange Thing....soon.

Love in King Jesus,


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