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How? Smith Family Project Claims Mars for King Jesus

The Beginning is Near

As the first to step foot on Mars, we, The Smith Family Project, claim Mars, her moons and spaces, for King Jesus as lawful delegated agents of the Trinitarian God of the Bible, to be governed by His Word.

Greater Things Multi-Generational Big Projects
[Per Berman’s ‘Law and Revolution,’ page 6
medieval cathedrals literally had budgets for
1000 years.]

Table of Contents
Grabber, a result
Earlier. A seed. A start.
Body of Argument.
Psalmodic Response.
Victory House-Building Pattern
Liabilities into Assets
Two Types of Applications
Mars (Desert)
Job 38:7 (Poet-Millennialism [sic, a play on post-millennialism])
Call to Action.
What desert does your family want? (Asked of co-workers so far)
Chuck’s projects
Who’s done what in this (past) century? Motivation
I wrote these down as I was working. Unorganized as yet. Worthwhile.

GRABBER; A. D. 2290:

As the first to step foot on Mars, we, The Smith Family Project, claim Mars for King Jesus as lawful delegated agents of the Trinitarian God of the Bible, to be governed by His Word.


O Lord, by your grace as the Trinitarian God of the Bible, we, lawful delegated agents of you, the Trinitarian God of the Bible, amenclaim the planet formerly known as Mars, her moons and spaces, all being uninhabited but for us, for King Jesus, to be governed by His Word. We honor our ancestors who Providentially prayed, planned and worked for this moment for generations, and we pray to receive the same Providential care for ourselves and our posterity as we are entrusted to pass on your blessings. Let this amenclaim be known to all. In Jesus’ name, amen.

[It should be much sooner. There are other more important ‘things’ to amenclaim.]

EARLIER: A. D. 2010.

Husband; Beloved wife, our elders said today that it would be wisdom, were we to establish a Greater Things Multi-Generational Big Project in our family. As completer, shall we get the children together to pray and plan a calling of this type?

Wife: Beloved husband, the children have been studying both the age of exploration, and the solar system. We could at least do this for extra credit, or as a homeschool project.

---There are many possible Greater Things Multi-Generational Big Projects. This one was designed to grab. It might not take seven 40-years generations. Job 38:7. Sea floor. Antarctica. A desert.

BODY OF ARGUMENT: O Lord, Pastor Alcorn teaches about the importance of Biblical stewardship of God’s money.

I am psalmodically responding, as in Psalm 1:1.

Present situation, Pastor Alcorn, Student Hartman.

Blessed [is] the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly,
nor standeth in the way of sinners,
nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

The content is not the same, but the structure is.

Pastor Alcorn shows Biblical principles (1:1a) and
applies them in his stewardship teaching (1:1b), and
I attempt to apply them also, based on both of the above,
praying that I have caught the Spirit, and applied it, embodied it.

That being said, here below is the articulation of it.

Here is an additional application of Biblical principles.

(1) The Christian Era is when liabilities are turned into assets. The Cross is the key. And we are to take up our crosses and follow Him. One example in history is the turning of waste places such as swamps, and forests, and deserts into productive land by monasteries.

Paul Johnson’s history of Christianity tells us that monasteries founded on poverty, chastity, and obedience had crises every century of so because they had been such good stewards that the ‘desert’ they had been given had become very valuable, and they had riches.

(2) A second Biblical principle is the victory-housebuilding pattern. God defeats the enemies of His people. With the spoils of that victory, His people build Him a house. He moves in, lights the fire, and turns the administration of the conquest over to His people.

Thus, the tabernacle was built by people trained in Egypt, with materials washed up from the Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea. When it was finished according to His pattern, the fire was lit and His people were to follow His instructions. He had sent hornets, etc. (There is more, but this is the story in brief),

Similarly, material David obtained from his battles with the Philistines was part of the Temple that Solomon had Hiram of Tyre build. And after Jesus arose and ascended to Heaven, kicking Satan out, and sending the Holy Ghost at Pentecost, the church’s martyrs joined Him in Heaven, and the spoils of the Bible (previously written and newly-inspired) and converts were materials for the Church.

We are to administer the whole Creation now, under King Jesus. Satan has been kicked out. Thus covenantal renewal worship in this new Heaven, and application of the covenant in this new Earth, already and not yet.

(3) What deserts are there to make into productive areas, what liabilities are there to turn into assets, and who is to do this? It appears that families and other covenantal organizations are who is to do it, and deserts abound. (Most deserts were given to monasteries by powers that were). This next is to be taken such that one does not go too far, but Jesus did say that greater things would we do than He had done, so a form of desert other than geographical could be, for instance, the things that God questioned Job about, now that Messiah has come. That’s an example.

(4) God has breathed into us, dust, to create us such that we are to breathe out and work with these new hands, as in the second half-verse of a Psalm, for His glory and our good, as he has promised. Pastor Alcorn has put forth a response like unto ‘nor standeth in the way of sinners’ to ‘Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.’ I pray that this proposal is like unto ‘nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.’ Psalm 1:1.


(a) An Example: Let a family covenant that in the 7th generation, a descendant will plant the flag of King Jesus on Mars, amen-claiming it for Him, to be ruled by the words of the Bible.

This would require a business plan that would do things similar to those that the building of the transcontinental railroad did. Two things stand out for good, one is to be avoided. Times were changed. The railroad could not operate with each community having its own time, as the sun moved. Time zones were needed to coordinate railroad travel. Also needed was the stock market, for raising the capital. (Bloom’s ‘The Genius of the Beast’ tells part of this story, as does Metzger’s ‘Railroad and the Space Program’ edited by Mazlish. What is to be avoided is ‘marsing,’ as a term similar to ‘being railroaded.’

Land grants were given to the railroad builders by the powers that were, something such as every other mile on each side for a mile times a mile. It appears that Mars might be similar to the land homesteaded, however.

Much is to be worked out. Plymouth Colony and others had investors in England. There were people in God’s image differently using the land. Etc. According to ‘Conquest of the Americas,’ a lectures series by The Teaching Company, within 50 years of Columbus’ landing, 85% to 95% of the previous residents of both North and South America were dead of diseases Europeans brought, but to which the Europeans were immune, being survivors of diseases obtained from close living with animals. This was unintentional. The residents of ‘America’ gave Columbus’ men sexually-transmitted diseases to carry back.

What deserts does your family want? I hear the conversation in my mind. Husband: ‘Dear wife, let’s consider covenanting to claim Mars for King Jesus, in our 7th generation. Let’s figure it out, and get the children together.’ (This would require new applications of the covenant, and some form of generational renewal and/or modification).

Or a family might want a desert. The Sahara, the Serengeti, the Gobi, the Kalahari? Or some portion of the ocean floor, or of the ocean itself, maybe Antarctica (Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings supposedly shows an Antarctica free of ice, with vegetation).

(b) Let’s say a family wanted to do a Biblical-exegetical task, such as discovering such as to be able to sing, what was sung here: Job 38: 7 (KJV/ESV) When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

This might be reverse-exegeted from Revelation 5:12 and 7:12, the changes in song at the Ascension. The principles of psalmodic response would come into play. At least two scholars/groups claim that the Hebrew Bible was written as music. If so, what would be the psalmodic response to the events of creation? Would it be chiastic? God speaks, and it is so, morning stars (hmmm, 4th day?) and angels (when?) see what is so, and sing back, glorifying? Stars sing, angels shout? “Joy to the World’ has these lyrics: ‘…Let every heart prepare Him room, / And Heaven and nature sing,…’

Well, a family would have generations to work on such a project, and perhaps to expand it.

A key thing at which to look would be the transition from Hebrew to Greek. Not only the direction in which the letters flow, but the increased number of letters and tenses.

A chiasm.

God creates by speaking.
The Creation.
The Creation seen by created things: Morning Stars, Angels.
Created things respond—sing and shout.

Another Chiasm.

Hebrew Scriptures
a. The Messiah will come.
b. Left to right.
c. Two ‘tenses,’ if that, etc.
d. Speaking and singing not distinguished (Brito from Strawbridge)
e. Men under angels
f. Morning stars sing, angels shout. New song mentioned.

Greek Scriptures

a. The Messiah has come
b. Right to left.
c. 256 tenses, etc.
d. Maybe, grammar, the self-consciousness of speech?
e. Men above angels, Jesus Christ and we ‘in Him’. Man in Heaven. Satan cast out.
Ephesians 2:6.
f. ‘New Song’. Rev. 5:12 and 7:12 (retune, instruments, ‘ho’/’the’/individual)

(c) Some projects might be 3 generations, we might learn more of tribes and totems and generational memory (The Long Now of Brand) and languages as we all work on these. Is kinship of purpose by descent or by intermarriage, as the anthropologists wonder?—Levi-Strauss. How would this embodiment of covenant be related to the Trinitarian God of the Bible, and the Church? How is it a diaconal function to assist, Biblically?


Remember, in the 20th century, Warren Buffet became one of the richest men in the world by investing. John Rockefeller took a pollutant of streams and turned oil into a necessity for our present economic life, starting around the time of a war greatly destructive of life. Sam Walton took on a company that did 1% (?) of the gross domestic product of these USA, and built one that, were it ranked among countries, would be the #8 (?) in the world. Micro-loans have helped many. Gonzalez says that there are native churches in every land, and Jenkins says that Africa went from 10% Christian in 1900 to 46% in 2000. The Chinese communists have become among the biggest lenders to these USA, because of their production.

And so on.

The above economic examples were done mostly by weak Christians at best. What might happen if the families and individuals of the church would exercise stewardship of God’s resources on Biblical principles?

What desert do you want, under God? What dead metal talents?

Charles Howard Hartman, Pella, Iowa, Tuesday, November 30, A. D. 2010, being in his 66th year.

[PergamosBmoY, EstherSheba, Season of Blessed are the Merciful (and associated Woe—Matthew 23: 23-24--, KolCoram861. My Big Projects include rhyming covenant sequences, Lectionary Historical (Core History of Humanity’s Childhood first), The Symphony of Peace (History) [a training/catechism for the next new era], SuperCalendarHOST, MaeDay80 and fruits thereof—Rescue Team, Cure Team, Godparents for Eldsters, Knights Of Helping Elderly Neighbors ( a rhyme of the times from the fall of Rome, through the Truce of God, and unto the present and beyond—and perhaps of Knights Hospitaler), among others such as renaming the days after the appropriate social firmament, the training of Ancients… .]

Write something below, proposing something like such a profit-making project of turning liabilities into assets, in stewardship in the form of the victory-housebuilding pattern, and let us help one another, under the Trinitarian God of the Bible.

[What should a family do, to find their ‘desert,’ assuming that they do not do the Pastor Alcorn plan? 1—Pray. ‘Blessed are the poor in Spirit…’. 2—Seek the help of their church authorities. 3—A family should start with Job 38, and remember strongly some application of John 14:12, ‘greater things’.]

Profit-making. Increasing the seed capital. Amen.

Greater Things: Multi-Generational Big Projects integrated the monastic advantage of turning desert liabilities into productive assets with the victory-housebuilding pattern.

By the time the GRABBER happens, SuperCalendarHOST names should also be in use.

What’s been done this (past) century. Motivation.
And Unorganized ‘ora et labor’ thoughts, as I worked and thoughtprayed..

What’s been done this (past) century. Motivation.

First, please consider these examples.

Sam Walton took on Sears (1% of GDP) and others and built a company that, were it ranked economically among the nations of the world, would by @ 8th. China’s biggest customer, among all, including nations. More shipped to Wal-Mart than to USA, e. g.

Warren Buffet, one of world’s richest men. Hid father, Congressman, the Ron Paul of his day. Warren started with pinball machines in barbershops in D. D.

Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook—whole new continents, planets, solar systems. People sell domain names for large somes ), $15,000). A land rush. A silver strike.

Colonel Sanders was selling pots and pans by cooking up a meal. People liked the chicken. He was on Social Security at the time.

We used to have a Cold War. Russia had missiles to destroy us. Now the new domain website registry system had 460,000 new ones in the first month.

‘Who Lost China?’ was a big question. Now China has some form of capitalism, and owns the most debt of these USA.

What is SuperMoney. You start a company, and have it making $5 million a year. Not easy. Can be done. You capitalize it, at say 5%--people like an investment that pays 5%, with growth prospects. That means that to get interest of $5, people are willing to pay $100. So, 20X. Sell 40% of your company, an income stream of $2 million, for 20X, and you have $40 million dollars, and retain 60%of the company, and control.
Make it big and keep it, the American Dream.

There are many more such stories, and not just in these USA. In 1900, Africa was 10% Christian, in 2000, it was 46% (Jenkins). There are native churches in every land, not needing missionaries from outside (Gonzalez). Etc.

There are 6 billion images of God on the planet, and more coming.

---It would be foolhardy to maintain that there will not be very serious problems, for it’s ‘early days,’ and we are great sinners. New Dark Ages and New Medievalisms may be coming. But we are bridge-builder, we have The Word that stands, we can and will get there. Resolutions are determined. God wants us to be working.

More. Unorganized ‘ora et labor’ thoughts, as I worked and thoughtprayed..

1--One of the most important things learned here is about covenant renewal: If the family covenant renewal over generations is to be done, first, the specific covenant structure and goal would be emphasized, and second, a form of this covenant renewal would be practiced, after being formalized. But THE KEY THING is that, at covenant renewal, the covenant would be re-announced. Thus, in a way similar to the 5Cs of Jordan’s teaching, in which the fifth C is Commission, and for which he recommends Matthew 28, The Great Commission, the family covenant renewal would have a commissioning in the imperative, such as ‘Claim Mars for Christ,’ or ‘Sing to us what was that song of the morning stars, and the shout of angels.’ KJV/ESV When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

2—Multi-generations. The revolutions of the West were not complete in one generation. It took many. Rosenstock-Huessy, cited in Berman’s ‘Law and Revolution,’ mostly free online at Google Books.
Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief,’ Chapter 5, has a wonderful short summary of the stages of the Western revolutions, through speech types.

3—The Plymouth Colony had investors.

4—The Doctrine of Discovery was a system whereby, for example, a King Edward got 20% of Cabot’s loot.


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