Monday, May 23, 2016

Tempority Medieval Technology and Social Change

Tempority Medieval Technology and Social Change

(Tempority like territory. Of course, Matt. 28 talks of natios, but there 'the uttermost... of the earth.)

Re: White's 'Medieval Technology and Social Change' .

Short summaries of 3 and a question.

If a new method of warfare in the 8th C. brought us feudal nobles, and inventions increasing food supplies in the 6th-10th C. brought urbanization, and application of natural power and labor-saving devices after 1000 laid foundations for capitalism CAN WE LEARN FROM THIS?

That is, what technologies are bringing what social changes and/or what should we be inventing? Examples--vertical farming and self-sufficient cities. (Bledsoe's 'Metropolitan Manifesto, oath-formed cities in 12th C--Berman)

MegaShift and Watson's 80,000 churches in 15 years as new forms of Holy War evangelism (nobles). More if wanted.

[If 'we' can't invent, what should 'we' encourage? I know what the ur-basic ur-basic is.]

Love in King Jesus, Chuck

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