Sunday, May 15, 2016

It is a Rosetta Stone Story Article That Explains Itself and Its Application within Itself.

It is a Rosetta Stone Story Article That Explains Itself and Its Application within Itself.
I’ll give some examples.
Michael Flynn has written stories in which the alien language is given language forms.
We know that archaeologists could decipher the original Rosetta stone because it said the same thing (priests not taxed, I ask the question, was that what was written in three (3) languages?) In 3 languages.
So, in the above sentence preceding this one, something is within parentheses, (), that defines itself as a question, and is marked as a question, so we can know what a question mare (?) means, that the words make a question, right?
If we had, and we will someday have, capabilities of placing letters, and/or words, and/or symbols from other languages, the same could be done, the parallels would define.  Compare Hebrew parallelism, especially in Psalms.
Also, as the narrative of the story and article continue, the protagonist, the first sufferer/solver, is solving, as we are solving.  Compare Poe’s ‘Gold Bug’ story.
And we would invent things as needed, new things.  (Note the use of commas as markers of parallels, of parallelism!  I’m  thrilled!
An example of this would be the new word Sardis!!!mmY for a name of the second day of the week, in America. Were I to have Greek type face on this computer sigma, alpha, rho etc.  Now Hebrew reads  backwards and a homophone with excitement could be found for the Hebrew work transliterated as ‘yom, or ‘day’. Aren’t we supposed to ‘read, mark, learn, and INWARDLY DIGEST!.
Then, as we do in good stories and novels and articles, we gradually learn and deduce so that we see the whole picture, the whole society so that our hero can help.explicitly.reconcile.opposites, make peace and be called a son of God, blessed in The Beatitudes.

Others will write better crosses for us to carry. Doing, do!

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