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One And Two Of 371

One and Two of 371
This is a very limited endeavor.
It attempts to say amen and thanks in such a way as to make GodTrinity’s commands clearer for the next era, in particular.
It’s like a marketing/production calendar for a business also.
In a way it works backward from the goal.  Say we want to get to
Chicago for a ball game or a concert.  We have to be there by a certain time, we have to be in Chicago by a certain time, so we must leave Stuart, Iowa by a certain time and date. We have to have the hotel reservations, we have to leave by a certain time, etc.  We have to have the tickets. Now we work the other way and buy the tickets, leave, arrive at the hotel.
For each day of 371, there are at least 12 things the impinge on forming our consciousness.
Day one, Today I choose to write about The Structure of the Psalms.  There are 5 books, per one of JBJ’s Lectures at BH 8, 1998. The end of each Psalm in a book is the last verse of the last Psalm in that book. As I sing these Psalms on their day, the first half-verse will end in Psalm Tone D (high, low, middle—explained later), and the last ½ verse in low-high-middle.
Note two that JBJ has said that there are 144 Psaams, plus two that sandwich them.  Numerically, this is a significant, and singnificant, 12x12, and 12 is a number significant in Hebrew Cadence in Cascione’s ‘Repetition in the Bible’ as referring to Israel
That’s Day One.
For Day Two of 371 Reprint the 7x7jubilee form of having each of the 7 days of the week (sheba) have 7 names.
Here are the 12:
1—Date as used predominantly now (Sunday (Lord’s Day) March 27, Anno Domini 2016)
2—Other names—Easter, Resurrection
3—Book of 7x7 backward 8-2 for week/sheba—Hebrews
4—Book of 7x7 forward (Jordan) for week/sheba—Genesis
5—Book of Day (49-2 until PV, 8-2 until last 7 weeks/49 books, after EAT)
6—Psalm of Day—Summaries, 146 x2, Psalm 119 and Letter-Words for book (re-ordered OT)
7—See HostA444 for 7 names of day total, including above+ [Could use other 7s, as Petitions in Lord’s Prayer, Words from the Cross…]
8—Where are we in movement from/to holidays (1st week of ten toward Public Vindication)
9—Prophecy in Jeremiah per Bullinger. 51
10—Chapter in Jeremiah per Bullinger. 52
11—Lamentations—any comments on the 22 triplets of letters, in order (3), and not in order (1)
12—General comments toward this prayer as an aspect of The Lord’s Prayer, ‘Thy Kingdom come,’ applied to the next social order. Also other calendars—tribal/community, work/business, the eternal calendar of the life of Christ and our Response, educational calendar, miscellaneous others (sports seasons…)
Here are the 7x7:
+ HostA444SevenbySevenNamesOfDaysOfWeek
The key benefit is this.  As Ancient Israel and the New Israel defeated the astrological/astronomical empires by calendar, resting/worshiping one day a week, thus saying by that action that The One True God made all those things the empires were worshiping, and rested one day in 7, we can conquer toward peace by calendar.  This 7 names for each day of the week is a start, an echo.
7 names for each of the 7 days of the week, Toward Peace.
I believe this can be done even by those who do not follow my postings, hopefully daily, of the Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House Prayer, which is Responding Toward Peace By Calendar.

Remember in Cascione’s ‘Repetition in the Bible’ that the 7 listings of ‘nation, tribes….etc.’ in Daniel, when matched with the 7 listing in Revelation, total a 7x7 Jubilee.
1—Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
(In other languages of Europe and America, there are such things as Sabato for Saturday (Spanish), Domingo for Sunday (Spanish)—this fits well with ‘Lord’s day’—and MitWorch (spelling) in German for Wednesday.)
See retuning by circle of fifths at Ascension, Revelation 5:12-7:12 (Jordan commentary
2—8-2 (This is a retuning of the retuning from 1234567 to 4152637 to 8531642 by circle of fifths mentioned above), with churches in Revelation put in and a similar-sound for the period (‘yom’ in Hebrew => YMMM!!—thus we eat time, i. e. inwardly digest what the corresponding Biblical eras mean).
K.O.L.YMMM!!, then Sardis, Pergamos, Ephesus, Philadelphia, Thyatira, Smyrna
3—There will be a book of Jordan’s 49-book Bible, literarily conceived, per day.
4—There will be a Psalm of Jordan’s 144-plus-sandwich-of-2-Psalms, per day, including 22 in the middle of each week, and the summaries. 12x12 is a powerful numbering, per Cascione, having to do with Israel (Old and New).
5—Conquering the Axial Age. AlreadyDia, JesusAllTimesDia, Lao-tseDia, AbrahamDia, BuddhaDia, Greek(TheaterDia, NotYetDia
6—The changes from Revelation 5:12 9characteristics of Christ both) and 7:12, in the descriptions—not singing, instruments, etc—with a ‘the’ at the right place.  More later.  In English.
7—This is not complete, this list of 7. There’s more to come.  Thus ‘More 1 of 7 More’ and then use 2,3,4,5,6,7 respectively.

The 7x7 Bible, 49 books, literarily conceived in Jordan’s ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’ at makes a Jubilee form also.  These 7 names for eachof the 7 days of the week is a structural echo.

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