Friday, March 4, 2016

Notes To Self

To do:
1—Tell that I’ve added ‘Prayer’ to the title. Remember, ‘Thinking is thanking’.  I’m thinking, so I’m thanking, and thanking is a prayer. There are more things to thank Him for, of course.  This is a limited effort.
2—Add Toward Peace (: Next 1000 Years, However Long That Is)
3—There are 51 prophecies, so the first and last of the 53 weeks will be summaries.
4—Most things can still be adjusted before Hebrews/Genesis Sheba.
5—Get the two 7x7s done for this year/coram, with instructions, using years, and the template of Retuned7x7PergamosCoram, and Jordan7x7 on chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.
6—Continue printing out, and give to Hartman Teams.
7—Use a Rosetta Stone technique, with the dats perthe eternal calendar (church calendar), JWCHP, and present mostly-used calendar.
8—4 days of week: Psalm, 8-2, Axial, Sun-Mon
9—Explain remnants of other social orders, and when needed, add ‘Election Day,’ etc. Super Bowl Sunday, Opening Day…
10—For Election Day, one could use Proverbs 21:1, 1 timothy 2: 1-4, Hebrews 12:6, the verse on ‘does not bear sword in vain’. Perichoresis of family, church, civil government.
12—Lamentations, use the letters (or position in #4) of the sections, with the middle of the week Psalm 119, letter of alphabet (see JBJ’s ‘Rethinking…,’ book of the 22.
13—For Psalm, sing it.  End of first line, I think it’s Psalm Tone D, high, low, middle.  @nd, do high, middle, low, or middle-middle, high?
14—4 words and a concept so far.  Concept: n-dimensional city-corp [supercorpse!?—tell about Reckefeller, AI, and Truce of God, 12th C., Berman, cities by oath](see Fuller on British East India and not flat NSEW but sphere. (What in space!!). BEI college, Malthus taught there.  Words: TSOCHI, sodeprehend (2 eras, Amos 3:7), Kolim (a word already?), SuperCorpse
15—Can calendars influence behavior, lead to wisdom and other payoff.  Tell what payoff is for other social order calendar remnants remaining. Kalends, beginning/end of month, when tithes were paid (d’Agostino).
16—This is a macroscope and mesoscope.

17—Cathedrals had budgets, literally, for 1000 years. Berman, ‘Law and Revolution,’ 16? (in first 100 pages for sure).

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