Saturday, August 8, 2015

Joyke = A joke that brings great joy. First Peter

Important coining of a word: 'Joyke' = a joke that brings great joy.  Study a culture so as to know her joykes, bring her in, Matthew 28.

Ideas For Action: First Peter. 1--The tribes should be players in The Symphony Of History. One can pretend. 2--Of course, First Peter 2:9. 3--Bledsoe's 'Can Saul Alinksy Be Saved' is worth re-reading, and re-re-reading.  It's a presuppositional argument. 4--Joyke--a joke that brings joy.  A comedic construction from the Bible would take instances of jokes, and find what situations today might be similar.  Psalm 2.  Turning the tables. Etc. 5--similarly, a house-building construction from... . As Bull has written, he shows forming, we are to do filling. 6--How my calling is not what I do to make a living, since we live in Abundance, the book. 7--I might start a pamphlet aimed at the greatest revival in Christian history, the 3rd Century Christians in the 3rd world.  It would list what we've learned and lost in 18 centuries, and some of what's left to do.  Love in King Jesus,  Charlie 'TwentySix Four' Hartman (Proverbs)

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