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Dimensions, Tribes, Languages, Times, Actions

Dimensions, Tribes, Languages, Times, Actions
Let this ‘poiema’ do some poeming.  Allusions, resonances, wordplay, rhyming, acronyms, same-initial-lettering attempting to image in a small way the BigPoem.  Isn’t that the future of Protestantism?
Why? Because the future is here already in outline, and the past is yet to happen in fullness.
What future? That The Great Day of Final Judgment will come, and after that, The Next World.
What past? That Ansgar, Apostle to the North, and others brought the tribes into the Kingdom.
And now we have neo-tribalism.
ERH tells us again that English is (some early language) plus the language of the church.  French the same. German the same. The languages of the tribes were transformed by the language of the church, and became the respective languages of nations—not always peaceful, but more peaceful.
As we find the tribes, and the languages of those tribes, we can have more tongue at our feast. Thus we will glorify tribes by keeping the small enthusiastic groups, but losing the perpetual warfare of the tribes, as the Church is Israel without exclusion, and Nations are Empires without slavery. Universal History 1954. We will sing them into the Kingdom as new peaceful groups, these new tribes, as the church language and their language now become a new language of a new group, as the tribal language plus the church language became French for France, English for England, etc. What will we call these analogs of nations, these analogs of states? The vocative is half imperative. Translation is singing, and it is more an opus, a work, an opera, the plural of opus/work in Italian.  More than an instrumental symphony, with narrative and human singing, human vocation.
What are these tribes?  We must find them.  One would be the scientist, I suppose.  (Word coined, invented/wented in @ 1834!) The artist. The novelist (pregnant, that!). The manager. The neo-transhumanists—we are the originals. They are not territorial, but the world is more than flat now.  Corporations, NGOs, Rotary, AA… . Fuller on Gresham in ‘Critical Path’ wrote that the university of the East India company could see by reports the more sphericity, global-ness. Can we see that there are more dimensions and that tribal members travel through, like later Flatland—not only points intersected by lines, and triangles, and more dimensions, but spinning charm or whatever else physicists have named multi-dimensions. And don’t forget holographicity and the largeness of smaller parts, and the swirling energies of Tesla. Remember that they made more surfaces on which penicillin bases to grow by injecting air into a cube—more surfaces, more presences, more faces.
What will be the four fronts of each tribe, and the respective shibboleths?  What new Wycliffe translators will arise?
[A joyke—a joke that gives great joy, is bigger: An engineer knows more and more about less and less until finally he knows everything about nothing. A salesman knows less and less about more and more until finally he knows nothing about everything. And we have had Bible study groups in Congress.  If it’s an exaltation of larks, and a school of fish, what is it of gratitude—or what is it a gratitude of? And a memory too…and what else?]
We’d need history. ‘Scientist,’ coined 1834—8 centuries after.  Can we name earlier?
To what North do we need to send new Ansgars? And how will the emphasis of Theopolis on liturgy beget the language of the church that begets new, more peaceful socio groups, not nations, but analogous? The future of Protestantism.
A hint. It will be not only language begetting new and better language from old language, but it will be Kalends, the end and beginning of 1/12, of month. One says tithes were brought in then. A small hint from ERH is that we still have tribal calendar with us, in community celebrations. And empires—work and business schedules. Israel’s calendar remains in the eternal calendar of the ecclesiastical church, and Greece gives us academic calendars.  What will be the analogs?

Rosenstock tells us that in the next era, the next ear, the next 1000 years, however long that is, socio- will be the key. Or as one put it, the liturgy service of worship of the church, from kyrios, Lord, is oriented, or some might say northed/throned (neat how it works!) toward The Heavens Above. Once That One True God was established, The Waters Below could be covenantally examined, and we had the scientific method, ‘that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead’. And now begins socio.

So let’s go over to Lord’s today—they’re serving a fine body of times, on this FirstDay, on this 8thDay, on this DayOfDays, K.O.L.Ymmm!!. ‘Kol’, yeah, down from all the mountains of time, and Octave, not only the 7 named, but the whole old, and with Laodicea, all making a kind of three/one, traced out. And more body types too, prepositioning the body of Lord’s. Sequentially and, let’s read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the whole octave Apostasy in Jesus’ day/Union with Christ, and Exile, and Wilderness, and Garden, and Restoration, and Kingdom, and Prison. 8531642, from 4Sun, 1Moon, 5Mars/Tiw-Tir, etc. 1234567 at Ascension retuned to 4152637 (planets), now retuned analogously by circle of fifths again, with poetic license, to 8531642 (sociological groups, Revelation churches). K.O.L., SardisYMMM!!, Pergamos, Ephesus, Philadelphia, Thyatira, Smyrna—all liturgies. Do Beatitudes too. N-dimensional.
Rosenstock related that the Israel of Old, and the New Israel both conquered astronomical/astrological empires by worshiping one day in 7.  In that way their actions witnessed that The One True God had made all those planets and gods of planets that the empires worshiped.
Thus we retune, as at Ascension, as The Twelve, as the Epistles.
Be what you’ve been made, poiema! Make what will be, a poem mutually-indwelling Poem of poems!

Preliminary SUMMARY/Translation:  I'm just now writing a piece about how Rosenstock ( saw nations as being developed from some tribal language, plus the language of the church. I point out that we are in a neo-tribal era. What tribes and what respective languages are we to upgrade into peaceful sociological groups? He sees (Universal History 1954, Dartmouth) socio- as the key to the next era. Are 'scientists' a tribe, 'artists,' 'novelists'?
This may be worthwhile on a longer wavelength. As groups were made then, in more maturity, make some now?


1—We live in many different calendars simultaneously. We sense that it’s a certain time distance to the next town celebration, or national holiday.  We are in a certain part of work or marketing/business schedule. It’s Martyrs’ tide, or Season of the Church, or Epiphany, or Christmas Season of the Church Year. It’s back to school, or first day of school, or second semester. It’s a certain day of the week, or month of the year, or numbered year.
2—Similarly, we may be under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or the laws of various other civil government jurisdictions—town, counties, states or provinces, nations… It’s not panarchy or what I read in Berman about students at medieval universities from various territorial areas organizing their own law systems in ‘nations’.
3—But, there is a larger calendrical space, an n-dimensionality, or, as I say now, an M-dimensionality, a Maturity-dimensionality, similar to where the tribes live whom we must find, define, disciple into respective sociological groups of peace (explicit reconciliation of opposites…or of dimensions). As grammar is the self-consciousness of language, and logic is the self-consciousness of thinking (ERH, ‘In Defense of the Grammmatical Method), rhetoric is the self-consciousness of bonding.

4—These are resondeos. And self-conscousnesses of respondeos.  Taking something and multiplying it by itself, aplyingit to itself, exponentially, as the square of 5 is 25, or 7 is 49…343, 2401… .
5—So too, the retuning by circle of fifths shown (JBJ Commentary) in Revelation 5:12-7:12, from listing the attributes of Christ in 12334567, in the former, and then 4152637 (2 and 3 vary?) calls out for a response, since this is Ascension pictured, and yes! We are between the 4th Day and 7th Day, but yes, Pentecost is a Day, A. D. 70 is a Day, Resurrection is called the Eighth Day…
6—Thus, as all the times mutually indwell—Tribal community celebrations, Empire work and business schedules, Israel as the eternal ecclesiastical calendar, and Greece as the educational calendar, to start—and as these times are derived from speech, for speech makes times—And God said—then 1234567 and 4252637 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…), and 8531642 (K.O.L.YMMM!!, and SardisYMMM!!) similarly can be peaceful in M-dimensionality. They can be opposites, other dimensions in an n-dimensional social world, explicitly reconciled as we grow up to it.
7—We await.  As 8-2 is great prophetic theater for this age, especially with Body Pianoforte Theology in action, yet in 4 iterations it return to its beginning. Myss holds that certain parts of the body are correlated with Roman Catholic sacraments. These arose for times in one’s life, crucial one one could pun.

Introduction to a poem by a poiema.
As Ansgar went north to bring in the tribes, let’s analogously find the tribes in an unflat sociological world, an n-dimensional one, a maturity-dimensioned one. The tribes travel in it as jets of air changed the cubical medium for growing penicillin mold from that of a flat surface to that of one with many surfaces for growing more.
After we find them—corporations, NGOs, scientists (Snow (?) and ‘scientist’ word coined/invented/vented in @ 1834), novelists (Tom Jones time?), other vocations (choose-able @ Reformation), artists-accountants-counterpointists (all around the same time)—we should do as the church did, and add the language of the church to their early (let’s say) language, to form a peaceful group.  As the tribal language and the language of the church became French for France, and English for England, so we do analogously. What is this church language now, as Latin was then? What is the language for each respective tribe, and the frons of In, Out, Forward, Back? ERH.
And we should do the same with calendars, echoes and remnants and glorifications of earlier speech.
The whole thing is online here:
This was inspired by the phrase ‘The Future of Protestantism’ and the work of giants, and more recently the beginning of my reading of ‘Inquietude’ and the beauty of The Book reflected a


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