Monday, December 8, 2014

3-D Penicillin Production and a Millin Dollars..and...Symphony?

3-D Penicillin Production and a Million Dollars…and…Symphony?
Decades ago a pharmacist who somehow found himself defending the country from Russian bombers who would have come over the pole found himself in a conversation with a philosopher in the same fix.  The pharmacist had good news.  During WWII, he said, the uSA (sic) federal government found itself in need of more penicillin, which was produced from mold growing on the surface of a vat.  They offered a million dollars (big money then) to anyone who could increase production.  The winners:  Blow jets of air in from the side and up from the bottom, to create more surface.
The Symphony of Comprehensive History Interactive does something such as that, for each ‘player,’ let’s summarize (Day and 3 other names) does direct jets of initiations (questions?) to each other during each week, and responds (answers to each of these of the other ones.
Backward and forward, for as Rosenstock says, ‘To say that the past and the present cause the future is heresy.  The past and the future cause the present’.
Thus, Week one is  both Imperative going forward and Planetary Service from the future.  Week Two: Subjective and Objective. Week Three: Narrative and Narrative. 4: Objective and Subjective. 5: Planetary Service and Imperative.
But one really has to be in the game, and. Lord willing, we’ll have it in most media after next summer.

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