Saturday, February 15, 2014

Glorifying Into Particular Peace Pirate Day

Particular Peace Pirate Day.

[This is in the 3rd 49 of the 153Culture, the one that maturely transforms one institution into a more glorified one, via psalmodic response to the Spirit of the previous.  Here we plant peace into Presidents' Day]

A fellow was complaining about money in politics.
It's always about the interests: Jacques Barzun, who should know. From Dawn to Decadence.  Our job is to make the culture.  Here's the first announcement, A Particular Planetary Peace Pirate Day, to add to the social order layers of PapaPapooses, Presidents (Professors and Pending some say). That is, each layer of social order (Church, State [University, some say]) has its function, and does not go completely away, but are maturely added when necessary.  Major concept of pirates from Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy's Planetary Service.  To sum up various wonderful words re: pirates, I would say that a pirate is outside the present boundaries. And money is coined by the present ones, thus the digital money, etc. is an early sign. Join this Particular?

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