Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Situation: A Solution

THE SITUATION:  There will be disruptions. And the church seems monetarily weak. Debts/defaults, job losses, increased poverty, moral crises…and to do things costs.
[This could be stated MUCH more radically]
Disruptions where? 1—From increased technology. It increases the space over which one can operate, decreases the time it takes to do something, and destroys old groups.*
And 2—From changes in governing. [This could also be stated MUCH more radically]

But this is the best time in history to make money.

A SOLUTION: Everyone needs another source of income, preferably internet-based. (Gary ‘2 hours a day’ North) He’s written 40+ books in 2 hours a day since 1973.
I’ll help.**

What seem to be some of the best options?
1—You Talk. I Write. Your Book. (If businessmen with money are approached in the right way by showing them how to use a book (electronic) to gain new customers, and what the lifetime value of a new customer is, namely, the number of years a customer/client stays with a business, times the amount of business done, times the profit margin.  [5 years x $1000 per year @ 10% margin equals $500, for example].
Use talk to text or Naturally Speaking. The 5 Most Dangerous Threats to Your _____ Busimess in the Year Ahead.
2—Grow Food Not Lawns (Covault Gardening). Customer has lawn, customer pays gardener, gardener tills (if necessary), plants, weeds (or uses straw or hay, etc.), and customer harvests, eats, enjoys. Many additional services can be offered. Examples:  Year One, do gardens and write a book as you go. Year Two, sell book and do consulting, and expand services. Year Three, do a membership site. @ $5 a month x 500 people this would provide good income.
3—Community Supported Artist. This is good, but almost impossible.
4—There may be some way to become a teacher in various niche curricula, such as the Ron Paul Curriculum.  In that one (RPC) the teachers get half the course fee, and teach only by video lecture.
6--If 50% of the food is wasted, there’s something of value to be done. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/jan/10/half-world-food-waste
7--There are many other opportunities.  Here’s a client of mine who has published ebooks. He’ll help in that area for a fee. One of his books:http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-reason-season-ebook/dp/B00AKXVB6E
He consults on ebook writing and publishing.
Dan Spencer: dds344@hotmail.com  :: Half-hour phone consultation, $25

When you have another source of income,
you are more stable
during disruptions, economic and political.

What does my help cost? 5% of gross profit, plus 5% of stock. 10% of gross until stock.
the same to the church. I do this latter for two reasons. 1—It’s good business, every one will help everyone else. 2—It’s temporary. We don’t want to be like the Roman Catholics who for a temporary purpose, church discipline *Rosenstock-Huessy says, forbade priests to marry, and wrongly said this was the way it always was and always had to be OR the Wesleyans, who did something similar with drinking and Sunday activities.
You don’t have to retain me.
Free wisdom from Jay Abraham is at http://www.abraham.com/profitresources/
Jay’s the highest-paid marketing consultant.
Here’s a distillation of important Jay principles:
Risk Reversal, Endorsements, Back-end, Unique Service Proposition, direct response not Indirect, Love your client/customer, Test, address Needs, market to the decision-maker and No one else, Educate your way out of a problem, make it Easy to do business, when something Works keep doing it, give a reason Why.
What I’d do if I were unemployed, and am doing before I need to do it.
The story is that Henry Ford was asked during the Great Depression what HE would do if HE were unemployed.  Here’s what he is reported to have said:
If I were unemployed, I'd do something like this. Go down the street asking at houses if there were anything they wanted done, free. Do one thing, go to the next house. Keep going. After a while, people might hear of me and ask if I could help them. I'd have a longer and longer list of chores, and eventually someone would offer to pay me something to get to the top of the list, maybe? Were I good at selling, or helping businesses, etc., I'd do the same for businesses. Moral: Do something, get noticed. There's lots to be done.


Call to action: Tell me a little about what business you might want to do, and OK the monetary arrangements, so we can talk. After we talk, you can OK them again and we can get started—the monetary arrangements aren’t final until we both agree after we’ve talked.

A little about what business you might want to do: (Please also write on the back of this sheet, if needed). Start with 25 words, your ‘elevator pitch’.

OK:  _____  Name ____________________________________________________
PS: Per the 80/20 rule, 16 possible entrepreneurs could mean 3 or so businesses.

I’ll be doing this too (my calling): http://chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.blogspot.com/2013/03/revolutions-of-west-gardner-summarizes.html Host15078TheSituationASolutionBusinessesForCongregationMembers

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