Thursday, October 31, 2013

153Culture: Rosenstock's 'Objective' for New Era

153Culture: Rosenstock's 'Objective' for New Era

Background:  Rosenstock-Huessy, Universal History 1954.  He says the challenge of our Neo-Tribal era is to glorify the tribal social order by keeping the small, enthusiastic groups, and by getting rid of the perpetual warfare. (Israel was glorified in the Church after He Who Reversed The Trend by getting rid of exclusiveness, and the Empire social order was glorified, he said, by getting rid of slavery)

Also, Clint Gardner's summary of the Revolutions of the West in 'Beyond Belief'. Each revolution has an Imperative, a Subjective, a Narrative, and an Objective that is taken out for Planetary Service.  Rhyming other covenant sequences, we get: Me, I, We, They.  Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact, New Torah (Instruction). Etc.

My proposals are: The Symphony of (Comprehensive) History (Interactive) [TSOH]for Imperative.  Pella Square/How To Make Your Communities Better for Subjective.  Calendar Of Peace Priming/House Of Singing Times [HOST] for Narrative. 153Culture for Objectve, toward something similar to Planetary Service.

153Culture has 49 new 'tribes'/social orders, may be nations, universities, etc. one for each book of the Jordan literarily-organized Bible.  49 from systematic theology like unto the Heidelberg Catechism (52 Lord's Days, some combined, some added?). 49 from Maturationally Given, organizations/social orders to mature us.  And TheBigSix--to make 153 we need 6 more than 49x3=147.

So far I'm thinking the Sexual Thing, given that Japan's young are not having sex, per a recent report, and the whole LGBT thing, with sex robots to be, etc.  A second is Wealth, how to handle the best time in history to make money (and new types of money, Bitcoin, Hour, Digital from metal, accounting entries, printed paper...). A third is Longevity (Kurzweil, Cryonics...) Isaiah 65:20.  A fourth might be discipling something such as The Red Sox Nation.

Blundering along.

Love in King Jesus,


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